Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Newest treasures

Still linked to my previous post, I have to tell you how much I love these tiny wonders I got at the fair. I'm more than sure you have already fallen in love with the witty red fox I bought from The peacock's new pin collection, and though I cannot capture the sweet chocolate scent of the body butter in my picture, I have to tell you...well, in fact I can't even find the words to express how amazing it is.
It has a kind of mousse-like texture and a rich smell of chocolate cream. All natural and organic, clean and free of things I don't wish to treat my body with... Not to mention the refreshing mint lip-balm, which has become my most faithful companion that I carry around with me all the time.
Sometimes we don;t even realize how much we hurt our bodies through all the different cosmetics we use day by day. Lots and lots are very careful about what they eat and they try to balance out the different types of food they put into their bodies, but the picture will never be complete without paying attention to the kind of soaps, creams and make-up they use.

I remember the story of a woman from the US, that I read a long time ago (sorry, I cannot provide the source, it was something I came across randomly). She said her mother had cancer. During and after chemo, the doctor forbade her to use ANY kind of cosmetic products. Can you imagine that? Even your favorite, and most likely: extremely expensive facial wash is not that miraculously healthy after all? And this woman was saying in the article that this was the starting point to her small soap-making business. She started simply because she wanted her mom to have the cleanest soap there is. After this it all just happened, and before she new it, she was selling the soaps online.

Yet I am very pleased with my connections :). Because I have not only found a real-life person (not a factory) who single-handedly creates a world of fine textures and smells, which are 100% organic, but I have also found a friend and someone who cares. Thank you Adriana!

You can all check her shop out by clicking here or LIKE her on Facebook here. She fully deserves all the attention! ♥

Hope you are also excited about the tiny steps that spring is making!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Handmade Fair

Fairs are always a fun place for me to be at... And this one will always remain one of my favorites.Despite the bad weather outside, the weird karma inside and the cold on the first floor, I had great talks, met sweet people, got visited by lovely clients (old and new) and came up with great ideas. One that you will soon get to know too, so my dearest clients prepare yourselves because this one is going to be especially for you!

But before getting into that here are some pictures from the fair for you to delight your soul with...

My lovely neighbors from Cirese colorate. Look at this cupcake pillow, so beautiful...and the tiny cupcakes...Girls, we're all looking forward to the little knitted cupcake boxes, and when I say this, I think I speak for everyone! ♥

The ever so sweet Adriana from Marillys, with her amazing home-made organic soaps and creams in new designs. I will post a review/haul soon about the tiny miracles I got from her.

My other neighbor, Maria.

LaVee Bijoux and Kezi Made at their usual place. Sweet girls making tiny wonders.

Maria with her amazing jewelry. I really regret not having spotted the tiny vintage-looking pins she had as "Martisor", it would have been so perfect for my mom. But then again...maybe next time.

My favorite girls Ruxandra and Cristina, with an amazingly decorated stand and their tiny handmade treasures.

If you're looking for notebooks, journals or quilt cards, well look no more, just head over to Kamala

And a wonderful new presence at the Fair, Nicart, with amazing wedding jewelry and so much more...

...not to mention all the other wonderful artists whom I don't have pictures with.
Have a superb week!

Thursday, February 23, 2012


The tiny store was open. We went in. Dreamed for a while and then left with a yarn-filled shopping bag... I wouldn't want it any other way :)

My mother and I, we both love yarn.
We were in Budapest the other day to get clay and colors and glaze. And while others go for a coffee when they visit a place, my mom and I, we go on expeditions to find lovely treasures.

The way back to Cluj was really beautiful, I have daydreamed below the spring colored sunset and sang along with the radio. It is the tiny moments, wherever we go, whoever we spend that time with and whenever that is...

May your day be filled with inspiration!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Monday, February 20, 2012

I love...

Here's a little something, I made for you. A fun practice to start your start off in a great mood. List up 10 things you love, off the top of your head, in no particular order. Don't think too much, just do it, what comes first, put it down.

Turning your day around is easier than you'd think.
Happy Monday!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Ditch the Wardrobe: Item -2-

And the project continues. I haven't given up on it, but it is not a fast process, I will admit that! Yet, having something to wear is motivating enough, believe me :) And to have, I need to make... There is no other way now, is it? So here it is, item #2, along with my striped obsession...It doesn't get any better than that. Does it?
We'll see next time :)


Spring HANDMADE Fair

Primavara cu Stil

I know I said it before, but I will say it again! I truly love this fair...The place, the mood, the warmth of smiling people passing by, the appreciation, the amazing and ever expanding group of artist and artisans participating! Come see for yourself...

Where? Turnul Croitorilor, Cluj Napoca
When? 24-26 February, 11 a.m. - 6 p.m.

Find Jasmin Blanc Boutique there with all the magic, lots of new designs, one-of-a-kind jewelry and precious usable ceramic objects. I would love to meet you there!

Have a happy weekend! And mark your calendar for this!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Not another Valentine's Day message

I would like to share a passage from The Alchemist with you today... And tell you this: Persevere in finding what the meaning of your life is and define it, but don't make it dependable to other people or material things. Live what you love. That may seem hard to do at times, circumstances will maybe seem to have defeated you, or to have deceived you. But the meaning of your life is not something that you do in your free time, or something you believe to be true when you experience success in a positive environment. Once you have found the path to your heart, you will never be able to step off of it, you will keep walking on that path. Sometimes you might wonder off, but your heart will guide you back, because that lack, that deep void will not disappear until you find your way back again.

I wish you to meet wonderful people along the way! I wish you to be able to let yourself be swept off of your feet to the magical world of love. A love that doesn't raise conditions, a love that doesn't depend on anything. A love that is. Simple as that!

the little home is from Rodi's Little Clay Houses

“Why do we have to listen to our hearts?” the boy asked, when they had made camp that day.

“Because, wherever your heart is, that is where you’ll find your treasure.”

“But my heart is agitated,” the boy said. “It has its dreams, it gets emotional, and it’s become passionate over a woman of the desert. It asks things of me, and it keeps me from sleeping many nights, when I’m thinking about her.”

“Well, that’s good. Your heart is alive. Keep listening to what it has to say.”

“My heart is a traitor,” the boy said to the alchemist, when they had paused to rest the horses. “It doesn’t want me to go on.”

“That makes sense. Naturally it’s afraid that, in pursuing your dream, you might lose everything you’ve won.”

“Well, then, why should I listen to my heart?”

“Because you will never again be able to keep it quiet. ”

“You mean I should listen, even if it’s treasonous?”

“Treason is a blow that comes unexpectedly. If you know your heart well, it will never be able to do that to you. Because you’ll know its dreams and wishes, and will know how to deal with them.

“My heart is afraid that it will have to suffer,” the boy told the alchemist one night as they looked up at the moonless sky.

“Tell your heart that the fear of suffering is worse than the suffering itself. And that no heart has ever suffered when it goes in search of its dreams, because every second of the search is a second’s encounter with God and with eternity.”

Monday, February 13, 2012

Dear Monday...

photo from A Beach Cottage by the lovely Sarah

I am probably one of those few, who love Mondays.
I have seen so many pin-board messages on FB and on Pinterest sending poor Monday to places, where I am sure she really wouldn't wish to be...

For me it is different, I love it because I feel renewed in a way. It feels like a fresh start, like an exciting begging of something magically beautiful.

So here I am, embracing that fully!
Happy Monday everyone!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Wish upon a star...

...has finally come true.
I mean, I have all the photos ready and up in the shop. Having spent so much time in front of the screen has maybe lessened the sharpness of my sight, but it doesn't matter now. It's all there in the shop, and some already preparing to leave to their new owners :)

The lacy plate collection is carefully composed of one of a kind pieces. The plates are modeled manually, without the use of any kind of mold. They are perfectly usable, and can be cleaned like any other ceramic dish. I don't recommend using them in the microwave however (but why would you want to do that anyway? :).

The second one is is a mixed collection of black and white with a splash of pale pink and purple. The same cleaning and using recommendations apply as to the one above.

These artwork have been created with care, love and special attention to all details. Hope they'll be used the same way...


PS. The new jewelry collection will be launched really soon too!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

New collection!

I wished upon a falling star...
and my newest collection got life
after lots of work, fun and dreaming.

Just a sneak peek now,
but soon I will show you more.

Wish upon a star

Keep your eyes wide open...the collection is about to appear in the shop!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Life, gratitude, uncertainty, trust...

I'm sure all of you know...
Life can be awfully witty at times. We may not always understand at first. We may not like it. Hell, it may even make us hurt.

Be glad for each moment along the way and cherish them dearly! I guess sometimes we forget how important it is to feel grateful in life. And this is partly why I am going to make (also) a blogging habit of it. At the end of each post I will mention a couple of things I was grateful for that day.

Finding a job without any knowledge of the Romanian language in Romania seemed to be pretty much impossible for Gaspar. We were searching and were unable to move from "a" to "b". There was no other way. Well, in fact we didn't come here (to my home) to stay in the first place, yet somehow I found it difficult to leave this time around.

London is a long way from here.
I hate being apart, and what I hate even worse is that we don't know the date when we will be able to be together again. But one thing's for sure, these weeks or months, I don't even know, will definitely be a challenge, to say the least. But I do believe in the importance of taking risks, going beyond one's comfort zone and conquer fears or "moving sands".

I thought what I needed was patience. Patience to wait, to handle people, patience to find opportunities to be together, to make a living over there, still doing what I love most. But I realized that all I need is to trust. Trust that it will work out just fine, and be able to step on that delicate wave of instinctual certainty that comes from within, to be able to find the way to my heart again and again, because that is where my peace is. Yours is there too.



  1. I am grateful for the internet, to have been able to see him and talk for a while. Communication and keeping in touch even cuts distances in some strange way.
  2. I am grateful for the morning moments together with my mother, crocheting/knitting together, while drinking our energizing cups of steaming coffee.
  3. I am grateful for the happy sunshine that sneaked in through the window, warming my soul.