Monday, February 27, 2012

Handmade Fair

Fairs are always a fun place for me to be at... And this one will always remain one of my favorites.Despite the bad weather outside, the weird karma inside and the cold on the first floor, I had great talks, met sweet people, got visited by lovely clients (old and new) and came up with great ideas. One that you will soon get to know too, so my dearest clients prepare yourselves because this one is going to be especially for you!

But before getting into that here are some pictures from the fair for you to delight your soul with...

My lovely neighbors from Cirese colorate. Look at this cupcake pillow, so beautiful...and the tiny cupcakes...Girls, we're all looking forward to the little knitted cupcake boxes, and when I say this, I think I speak for everyone! ♥

The ever so sweet Adriana from Marillys, with her amazing home-made organic soaps and creams in new designs. I will post a review/haul soon about the tiny miracles I got from her.

My other neighbor, Maria.

LaVee Bijoux and Kezi Made at their usual place. Sweet girls making tiny wonders.

Maria with her amazing jewelry. I really regret not having spotted the tiny vintage-looking pins she had as "Martisor", it would have been so perfect for my mom. But then again...maybe next time.

My favorite girls Ruxandra and Cristina, with an amazingly decorated stand and their tiny handmade treasures.

If you're looking for notebooks, journals or quilt cards, well look no more, just head over to Kamala

And a wonderful new presence at the Fair, Nicart, with amazing wedding jewelry and so much more...

...not to mention all the other wonderful artists whom I don't have pictures with.
Have a superb week!

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  1. Awesome E ;-) I wish i could buy some of the products ;-) They are awesome.


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