Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Newest treasures

Still linked to my previous post, I have to tell you how much I love these tiny wonders I got at the fair. I'm more than sure you have already fallen in love with the witty red fox I bought from The peacock's new pin collection, and though I cannot capture the sweet chocolate scent of the body butter in my picture, I have to tell you...well, in fact I can't even find the words to express how amazing it is.
It has a kind of mousse-like texture and a rich smell of chocolate cream. All natural and organic, clean and free of things I don't wish to treat my body with... Not to mention the refreshing mint lip-balm, which has become my most faithful companion that I carry around with me all the time.
Sometimes we don;t even realize how much we hurt our bodies through all the different cosmetics we use day by day. Lots and lots are very careful about what they eat and they try to balance out the different types of food they put into their bodies, but the picture will never be complete without paying attention to the kind of soaps, creams and make-up they use.

I remember the story of a woman from the US, that I read a long time ago (sorry, I cannot provide the source, it was something I came across randomly). She said her mother had cancer. During and after chemo, the doctor forbade her to use ANY kind of cosmetic products. Can you imagine that? Even your favorite, and most likely: extremely expensive facial wash is not that miraculously healthy after all? And this woman was saying in the article that this was the starting point to her small soap-making business. She started simply because she wanted her mom to have the cleanest soap there is. After this it all just happened, and before she new it, she was selling the soaps online.

Yet I am very pleased with my connections :). Because I have not only found a real-life person (not a factory) who single-handedly creates a world of fine textures and smells, which are 100% organic, but I have also found a friend and someone who cares. Thank you Adriana!

You can all check her shop out by clicking here or LIKE her on Facebook here. She fully deserves all the attention! ♥

Hope you are also excited about the tiny steps that spring is making!

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  1. Seem like you have some little treasures there!
    Enjoy them! :D


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