Saturday, March 31, 2012

days of magic

I'm home! And I am more or less awake too, after an entire night of bus ride, but also after 3 days of pure magic. These 3 days away from home, from work, from a constantly noisy mind and a never resting schedule, being with the one I have missed so much in the past couple of months was more than I could ever have asked for. Walks in the chilly wind, sweetened by the spring-flower fragrance, eating almond-cream pancakes and tasting delicious pastry cakes form the bests, smiling, laughing, being full of hope, yet careful on the moving sand. All we still need is a little confidence.

I believe, I've gotten answers to questions. Which is great. Not easy. But nothing worthwhile will ever appear to be so... I will not seek explanations. I feel peaceful enough to simply trust the whispers of my heart.

So here's to something new! ♥

Stay true to your heart, friends...

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