Thursday, March 1, 2012

happy spring

The city was vibrant today... People were moving around like ants in a their nests and it was so nice to see everyone so alive again after the cold winter days, when they preferred to stay in their warm and cozy homes if there was at least one chance.

We had Siberia move into our Transylvanian lands for way too long this winter, so the warm sunshine cuddling people's faces calls forth a smile even in the grumpiest of us...

Ah, such a magical time!


I haven't continued my gratitude blog post- prologues, but today is a brand new day!

I am grateful, because...
I rose together with the sun this morning.
Finished a few pairs of spring earrings.
Went to the vivid fair at the Museum Square and had been swept away by fresh spring reveries, as people walked by our boutique-stand.
Bumped into a childhood friend, and we talked for nearly 2,5 hours.
Savored creamy chocolate truffles.
Invented a crochet collar model for my marinière shirt.
And most of all, learned that Gaspar will be able to take a couple of days off at the end of this month, so he will fly to Budapest and we will spend that time together.


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  1. Oh such beautiful words Erika, it makes me so impatient to come back to my lovely city Cluj/ Ohh I miss it so so much and everything inside it! I hope Erika that you will have a creative and happy Spring:*


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