Monday, March 26, 2012

herb garden

Do you know those wonderful kitchen based herb gardens, that are shown in the home-decor magazines? Well this morning I decided to stop emptily admiring other people's herbs and make my own! I am not much of a gardener, I will admit. It's not that I don't love plants, I even talk to them and adorn them, but I most often forget to water them, which is a crucial aspect in the subject...

But never mind my faults, I decided to accept that, and wittily placed a little glass bottle with water in it next to the pots. Ha!

Anyway, the bottom line is, I planted lavender, oregano, mint and chives. And I am very excited about this! As you can probably already tell.

How cool is this?
There is a wonderful week ahead of us, enjoy it!


  1. A trecut ceva timp de cand le-ai semanat. Cum sunt acum plantele? Pote postezi niste poze. Eu stiu ca lavanda iese greu din seminte, am incercat si eu si nu a rasarit nimic. Acum am pus cateva din butasi, sper ca asa sa se prinda.
    Te imbratisez cu drag!

  2. Sa stii ca toate au dat semne de viata, bine lavanda este mai sensibila, desi nu ma asteptam sa fie. Dar vre-o 5-6 plante au iesit :) Asa ma bucur. Acum le las mamaei mele, sa aiba ea grija de ele si sa le foloseasca. Ceapa de tuns o folosesc deja de mult timp in salate, foarte repede a crescut! :) Incearca mai intai in camera sa semeni lavanda, eu o tin pe pervaz la soare! Iar mai apoi cand va iesi din seminte sa o planezi afara. Succes :)
    Sper ca esti bine, te pup!


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