Saturday, March 31, 2012

wedding favors

It has been my first time working on something like this. I have designed customized wedding jewelry and baptize favors as well as a little cassette for the babies hair (from the first hair cut, I guess), personalized with the little one's name and date of birth, but I have never worked on wedding favors up-to now.

We finalized them together with my father, working like crazy on all the 85 of them. The flowers are hand-shaped and hand painted. And the little oval cassettes are created in a layered technique of a mix of colored and white ceramics. All of them carefully glazed.

I find myself to enjoy wedding projects more and more, not to mention constantly working on my own Wedding Collection, which I hope to finish in around one month... and I am super excited about it!

So if you're getting married, you know who to turn to, right? (*wink*)

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  1. This are so pretty + delightful! I'm sure they will be received with joy!


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