Thursday, April 5, 2012

champ de fleurs

It is such a fresh day today...
I woke with the sun, and it's surprising how many things can get done one day if you don't spend half of the morning sipping a nice cup of coffee covered in a spring blanket. Not that I have anything against that...

And among other wonderful things I did today was putting together this little preview of my newest collection which you will soon be able to find in my shop over at Breslo.

It is a light, spring-flavored jewelry collection to adorn yourselves with in this special time of year when everything is born all over again. Oh how I love this season...



  1. these are fantastic! wonderful job you've done! i love them all!

  2. oh my, oh my, i am still lusting over the beautiful and delicate necklaces, brooches and rings you make!
    hopefully someday i'll have each one of them.
    hopefully soon.

    keep doing these pieces of delicacy.


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