Thursday, April 12, 2012

kitty love

I've been a bit under the weather lately, with and without a reason... Working a lot, making lots of new pretties, but also trying to squeeze in some time to just be, and not participate... It is nice sometimes to just realize that the world goes on without us... It calms me down.

I miss feeling excited though... Like, really excited! The "heart-skipping-a-beat-or-two" kind of excited.

Wishing you a calm (or excited) weekend; whichever you prefer!

ps. I took some stunning little mint-colored flowers out of the kiln the other idea how that happened, since I don't own such a glaze. It was really cool, I love these kinds of surprises.
(I must have left some green paint in the glazing pot, even some grains, that are the evil responsible...naughty paint-grains) ♥

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  1. nice kitty, are those pendants?? they look really good anyways =)


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