Thursday, May 31, 2012


I'm excited to let you know that I have just finished listing my newest little favorites in my Etsy Shop! More colors will soon follow...
And I've been thinking about making custom orders too, how does that sound?

Ok, so here's what I'm thinking: you send me a picture of your little favorite and I will paint her for you! The shape stays the same, but I will personalize the little ceramic pendant so that you may take your tiny favorite everywhere with you... Maybe I'll make samples and then we'll see...

Available here


Saturday, May 26, 2012

Le petit Knit

I promised to tell you about it soon, so I had to speed things up a bit in order to get everything done.

This project is especially dear to me, because it is a little something I did together with my sweet mother. A bit before I decided to move to London we realized what an amazing team we are, not just as a mother-daughter team, but as a knitter-crocheter team non-the-less!

All the magic happened early in the morning; maybe the scent of the fresh brewed coffee had some influence on the course of events, but without realizing we became a team. One, that plays with yarn in its past time... And then that yarn naturally came to life in the shape of different garments. Le Petit Knit was born.

We are so happy to have our own little shop up and running. We both have jobs we love, jobs that were our hobbies in the first place, but this is something even more special (a different kind of special), and it is ours, it is no longer mine, or my mother' is our little shop. And that, my dears, is exciting beyond words ♥

We truly hope, that you will love it as much as we love giving life to it!

Erika and Manyika
     from the Le Petit Knit

Friday, May 25, 2012

handmade ceramic cameos

I just listed these colorful cameos in my Etsy shop today... Lots of other new items to come. Not to mention all the other news I have. That will come too. Everything in it's own time.

Sleep tight!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

the wedding the making

I have mentioned it once or twice before...
I am preparing a special wedding collection. It has been upheld by all the moving and changes here and there in my life, to be honest, but I have finally taken my mental sketchbook out again, undusted it and I am now ready to restart this project so dear to me, due to a mysterious reason I have failed to reveal. But it's better this way!

So here is a tiny glimpse for you, which will say nothing...yet everything.

I'm so excited about this, as I am excited about another dear project that I am doing together with my sweet and ever so talented mother. I assure you that it involves beauty. Soon I'll tell you more!
Sweet dreams,

Monday, May 21, 2012

London, after two weeks...

Ok, so I got over feeling sorry for myself and decided that it was time to do something about the situation instead. London will not get less noisy or gray and England will by no means get less rainy... But I can and will get less grumpy. I still have my moments though (the black hole moments, that is), but you do too, and you're not even living here. Be grateful! :)

I realize that this is something temporary. This I knew from the start... in theory. But now I feel it. And I haven't been this excited in a very, very long time.

I like bus rides in London. They take forever! So you have time to have life-changing philosophical discussions, should you desire to. And this past week I very much desired that! But it had to come, at the right moment.

As those reading this blog already know, my boyfriend and I are from two different countries and we both find it difficult to live in each others', so we decided to find a home. A new home. A place that we can both call as such! Well, needless to say, England is not that! As green and beautiful as it is, because it is, if you are a tourist, it is not OUR place... And there is nothing wrong with that.

So during a glorious bus-ride (on the upper deck) inspiration stroke, the dream was there and in just a few moments it became a plan...a dreamy plan; a goal to be excited about...

And as annoying as I will be (I know!) I will not tell you about it just yet! But it is great, in fact "great" does not cover how cool this is, or maybe just how excited I am? Yes, perhaps that boosts "the greatness" of the situation...

It is important to know what you want. Knowing what you don't want does not cover it, it just spoils your days. I used to hate having long term plans, or goals that needed a longer period of time to unfold. And though I have never admitted it to myself, the reason for this was fear; the fear of not being able to reach it, so I erased the purpose of starting to work towards reaching it! And I had to understand that even reaching the goal is not the end. A goal is not a destination, it is just a mile stone on the journey; one of many!
And it is also amazing to realize that it is exactly this, that has beautified my stay here; because until we arrive where we wish to arrive, I'll enjoy whatever adventure London has to offer!

Don't let fear be the judge of your steps or dreams...

Ps. Thank you so, so much for all those of you who wrote me, to say hi, or to encourage me to believe. All your sweet messages have brought tiny tears of joy into my eyes, and you have definitely helped me get closer to this realization at this stage of my life. 
I am grateful to have you travel with me through it all... I truly am!

Thursday, May 10, 2012


I arrived on Sunday, early in the morning.
Haven't seen the sun more than once up to this day, or maybe even that was just a dream...


Some say it's a dream come true...

I say I need to find my way back to my sweet summer paradise. Yes this is exactly what I say. Maybe I didn't allow the city to cast its magic over me, maybe I am blind to see the magic.

But I miss my workshop, I miss the touch of clay, I miss the sweet strawberry smell in the bewildering spring dream, filled with sunshine and and the scent of cherry blossom. And I have no idea where and how to start over. Packing my suitcase and doing something new, going someplace I've never been happened often in my life. And I loved and enjoyed every minute of every adventure. Yet this time around, not day goes by that I ask myself what the hell am I doing here...

So how's that for first impression?

Friday, May 4, 2012


A fresh start or just going along the road...I believe both apply!

After giving it some (read: A LOT OF) thought, together with Gaspi, we decided it was time to do something drastic. I once read on a silly bumper sticker, that in order to experience things you have never experienced before, you must do things you have never done before. And boy, is that true...

Leaving now, when everything suddenly fell into place in my art/business field, is not easy for me. I thought I didn't need stability in what I do, but a minimum of it is required, whether I like it or not. If for no other reason than the fact that putting the kiln into my luggage from time to time would be awfully funny... So until a better solution comes along I will practically be moving back and forth between England and Romania. Which is fine for me. Except the weather in England. But I'll live.

There it is! The big news. And I am excited, I wasn't, but now I'm like a volcano that bursts at times. A lot needs to be done and also a lot needs to be forgotten. I'm working on both of those. And for now I am happy, and I'm me again. The girl who didn't need anything sure other than faith. And it's good to be me.

So if you're ever in London, and given that I am also in the city, let me know, I'd love to meet you!

And if you like my work, never hesitate to visit my shop and remember that you're not only treating yourself to something delightful, but you are supporting me, as a young artist to be able to pursue my dream. And I am ever so grateful for your help...

I'll soon blog about exciting (I hope) news!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Ode to the sunshine

We have had such adorning days these past 2 weeks, it feels like summer...Like June actually, and I keep asking myself why I still cannot find cherries at the market. But then I always remember that trees have just started blooming so it would be quite a miracle if that happened.
Cherries or not, my days are filled with sunshine inside and out, and there could not have been a better goodbye gift than these happy moments...

Got hung up on the word "goodbye"? I bet you have. But I will not yet reveal what I mean by that. For now, let's stick to my beautiful days, here and now.

The other day on our way to the workshop, the sweetest sight: donkeys pasturing. It melted my heart.

We have a small veggie garden at our workshop, so that we may always have fresh vegetables to use daily, plus eating what you grow is an exceptional feeling, priceless and irreplaceable. 

Do you prefer herbal tea or fruit infusion? And do you buy the type that comes packed loose in a bunch and you have to strain it off, or the sachet type, which is quite elegant, yet might never have seen herbs or fruits whatsoever. I am a bit ironic, yes, but I drink it too, so...And through it all we often pick herbs, dry and crumble them, thus having something really healthy year round. Naturally, you would need some knowledge of the different types of herbs that benefit  your health, otherwise you might end up drinking grass tea or something which is not supposed to be drunk, something harmful even. So I highly recommend doing some research before you start. 

My mom and I picked peppermint the other day. Inhaling the thick scent of peppermint in a whole glade of them was bewildering... Oh how I love this world...

And continuously my days are magical...filled with tiny miracles, such as 
  • stumbling upon this old piece of lace  at my grandmothers'.

  • looking into the curious eyes of our ever so hyperactive dog.

  • being blessed with entire waves of inspiration for my creations...

Hope you enjoy it all as much as I do, and remember, if you're going through a rough period it will pass. It happens with the best of us...