Saturday, May 26, 2012

Le petit Knit

I promised to tell you about it soon, so I had to speed things up a bit in order to get everything done.

This project is especially dear to me, because it is a little something I did together with my sweet mother. A bit before I decided to move to London we realized what an amazing team we are, not just as a mother-daughter team, but as a knitter-crocheter team non-the-less!

All the magic happened early in the morning; maybe the scent of the fresh brewed coffee had some influence on the course of events, but without realizing we became a team. One, that plays with yarn in its past time... And then that yarn naturally came to life in the shape of different garments. Le Petit Knit was born.

We are so happy to have our own little shop up and running. We both have jobs we love, jobs that were our hobbies in the first place, but this is something even more special (a different kind of special), and it is ours, it is no longer mine, or my mother' is our little shop. And that, my dears, is exciting beyond words ♥

We truly hope, that you will love it as much as we love giving life to it!

Erika and Manyika
     from the Le Petit Knit

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  1. Oh, this is wonderful!
    I really like how you two teamed up and brought to life this lovely project!
    Best of luck to you and keep on making beautiful cozy things :)


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