Thursday, May 10, 2012


I arrived on Sunday, early in the morning.
Haven't seen the sun more than once up to this day, or maybe even that was just a dream...


Some say it's a dream come true...

I say I need to find my way back to my sweet summer paradise. Yes this is exactly what I say. Maybe I didn't allow the city to cast its magic over me, maybe I am blind to see the magic.

But I miss my workshop, I miss the touch of clay, I miss the sweet strawberry smell in the bewildering spring dream, filled with sunshine and and the scent of cherry blossom. And I have no idea where and how to start over. Packing my suitcase and doing something new, going someplace I've never been happened often in my life. And I loved and enjoyed every minute of every adventure. Yet this time around, not day goes by that I ask myself what the hell am I doing here...

So how's that for first impression?

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  1. nici eu nu am inteles fascinatia unora pentru londra.ok, e un oras frumos, but then again - sunt atatea altele, poate mai frumoase.

    in ceea ce priveste faptul ca toti pleaca cu speranta ca acolo totul se va putea....ce sa zic, poate era valabila acum ceva vreme - eu personal, mai departe de centrul londrei, nu am vazut prosperitate flagranta.
    poate nu m-am uitat unde trebuia :))

    stiu ca tu nu de asta esti acolo, asa ca nu pot decat sa te incurajez - este si soare, relativ mult, niciodata ca la noi - asta e mai mult decat clar :)
    si ca sa iti treaca supararile, sa-mi raspunzi rontaind niste brown choco cookies - sunt o minunatie dupa care eu inca suspin. nu si dupa londra, though :))


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