Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Ode to the sunshine

We have had such adorning days these past 2 weeks, it feels like summer...Like June actually, and I keep asking myself why I still cannot find cherries at the market. But then I always remember that trees have just started blooming so it would be quite a miracle if that happened.
Cherries or not, my days are filled with sunshine inside and out, and there could not have been a better goodbye gift than these happy moments...

Got hung up on the word "goodbye"? I bet you have. But I will not yet reveal what I mean by that. For now, let's stick to my beautiful days, here and now.

The other day on our way to the workshop, the sweetest sight: donkeys pasturing. It melted my heart.

We have a small veggie garden at our workshop, so that we may always have fresh vegetables to use daily, plus eating what you grow is an exceptional feeling, priceless and irreplaceable. 

Do you prefer herbal tea or fruit infusion? And do you buy the type that comes packed loose in a bunch and you have to strain it off, or the sachet type, which is quite elegant, yet might never have seen herbs or fruits whatsoever. I am a bit ironic, yes, but I drink it too, so...And through it all we often pick herbs, dry and crumble them, thus having something really healthy year round. Naturally, you would need some knowledge of the different types of herbs that benefit  your health, otherwise you might end up drinking grass tea or something which is not supposed to be drunk, something harmful even. So I highly recommend doing some research before you start. 

My mom and I picked peppermint the other day. Inhaling the thick scent of peppermint in a whole glade of them was bewildering... Oh how I love this world...

And continuously my days are magical...filled with tiny miracles, such as 
  • stumbling upon this old piece of lace  at my grandmothers'.

  • looking into the curious eyes of our ever so hyperactive dog.

  • being blessed with entire waves of inspiration for my creations...

Hope you enjoy it all as much as I do, and remember, if you're going through a rough period it will pass. It happens with the best of us...


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