Saturday, June 30, 2012


Some time ago, I started working on this collection. I love the Peter Pan collar trend, and I just knew I had to breathe some Jasmin Blanc spirit into it so that I may have my own take on it...
Some time later here it is, a mini collection of 9 one of a kind necklaces called "Contrast". Old, yet new, vintage, yet modern, playful, yet feminine and classy, simple, yet complicated. Just a few of my favorite things incorporated in nine necklaces.

Head over to my Etsy shop for more details!

Friday, June 29, 2012

sneak peek

a mini Peter Pan Collar collection will soon be up on Etsy, which is really exciting, as these little necklaces are some of my favorite designs, trendy, yet unique, simple, yet complicated... The characteristics I fall for!


ps. we had a gorgeous and hot sunny day in London today, finally it feels like summer (even if it just comes and goes). Hope your Thursday is heavenly!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

when ideas become overwhelming

I never really faced the problem of not having enough ideas. Sketching a new design, contouring a new collection or just mixing a pretty pastel color to incorporate into the clay I work with and then a million other things always keep twisting and turning around in my hectic mind, God bless it! And while this is all so wonderful, at the end of the day it may become a bit obsessive and overwhelming, which is not something you want to say about your "dream job", right? But I can't help it, the flow of thoughts and ideas  in my mind is not something I can turn on and off as I please (it would be a great though), so that is how I discovered crocheting. Once I get the hang of the new pattern, it becomes therapeutically monotone meditative... Oh so wonderful... The flow of thoughts just starts drying out and all that exists is the yarn and the pleasant pattern that begins to develop through the patient movements of the crochet hook. Pure magic. I believe it is called the present moment.

Do you have a switch off button?


Monday, June 25, 2012

5 things to do

I randomly stumbled upon these lovely DIY projects over the weekend, and they are too great not to be shared, maybe you will even get the sudden urge to grab a crochet hook or a paint brush and let these lovely and oh so creative people guide you in making these amazing things.

1.  Watercolor crayon art. I love that quote!
2. Easy candle making tutorial
3. Keepsake box. I absolutely need to get my hands on one of these wood-burning tools...all the things I could do with that *sigh*
4. I love this cute camera strap painting idea in pastel.
5. I have always wanted to try covering the rocks I collect in crochet lace, but never really got around figuring out a pattern for that. But since I found this urchin inspired pattern these is no excuse...

Happy Monday!
Hope you'll have a creative week ♥

Sunday, June 24, 2012

New jewelry in my Etsy shop

Late night updating, and I am really excited about these ones! As I am excited about these new pictures... Hop over to my shop for more detail!

Cloud, Lace & Mint Rose & Sea stud earring sets


Friday, June 22, 2012

DIY earring display - Tutorial

For the fist market I participated at here in London, I just put together this cardboard display the night before the actual market, just to break the horizontal layout of my jewelry. But I really wanted to have something flat, and easy to carry around with me on public transport for markets and fairs to come, and so I made this little earring display from a picture frame I picked up over at Wilkinsons.

Materials needed:
- strong PVA glue or glue-gun
- brush to apply the glue with (I forgot to include this in the picture above, sorry)
- thin cardboard paper
- ruler
- pencil
- scissor
- stiff textile (preferably something you'd use for cross-stitching)
- desired photo frame

1. Take the photo frame apart, get rid of the glass and image it comes with, just keep the front and the back.

2. Then take the card paper, place the back of the frame on it.

3.  Trace it with the pencil. And cut it to fit the back of the frame. It must be the exact same size (or 1-2 mm smaller) than the back. You could also use the ruler and measure everything, then cut it, but I prefer to do as little math as possible. :)

4. Then place it into your frame, just to double check if it fits, you might need to adjust it.

5. Then comes the textile, cut it the same size your card paper is now. (In this picture you can see the texture of the material. This is important because you want to be able to place the hoops of the earrings into those tiny little holes.)

6. Glue the edges of the paper and textile together. You might want to hold it or place something heavy on top of it for a while, just to make sure it is well glued together. Then place it on the back of the frame (card paper facing the back).

7. You are now ready to place everything into the front frame. If it is a permanent solution for you then don't glue the embellishment to your frame. I did however put some glue in the four corners just to be super sure everything will stay in place. I hope I will get to use my little display often (meaning that I will get to participate at many more craft fairs and art markets) so I want it to last.

8. Flip the little security pannels tightly onto the back. And then if you applied PVA glue, you might want to place a heavier (not too heavy though) object on the back. Once the glue hardens and dries it had already entered into the particles of the paper and the fabric, so it really holds them in place.

And there you have it, your very own earring (or whatever else) display! i suggest you do this even if you are not creating jewelry, just use it for the things you own, it is a nice way to keep an overflowing jewelry-box organized. This way you will not face the issue of missing the other pair of an earring. I am pretty sure it happens often now, doesn't it?

Have a peaceful evening!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

20 June a special day. Not simply because this day is usually a gorgeous summer day, but especially because it is the sunny day I was born on.

Even the English Sun was kind enough to shine for me all day long, and so I had a wonderfully blissful day, with sweet treats and white roses, love and lots of heartfelt messages and kind words. I am really grateful for all of that, as I am for all the amazing ideas and thought,s that have been going through my mind like tens of tornadoes twisting really fast in my head, picking up whatever interesting there is around, shuffling all that. And I know, that when the wind will one day stop, I shall have the result of what I've been looking for. It is getting clearer, but I may still have a long way to go. Which is nice, and requires a lot of hard work.
I like my journey. And I like my life. And that, my sweet friends, is an incredibly wonderful feeling!

Hope your days are filled with joy!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Sunday, June 17, 2012

embroidered napkin-pocket TUTORIAL

I made this embroidered little pocket to be able to buy hankies is economy packages, and still be able to have them with me all the time. Most of the time it is impossible to escape plastic bags/packaging, because most things come in such wrapping. There are however a few things that can be done to avoid some... And this is one of those cases, plus it was such a sweet project to make. 
Hop over to to see the full tutorial! Even though the text is in Romanian, I try to make the pictures as elaborate as possible, so there shouldn't be any problems in understanding the instructions. If you do have any questions though, please just leave me a comment bellow! 

Have an inspiration filled week!

Thursday, June 14, 2012


FACETURE from Phil Cuttance

how incredibly amazing is this?
one thing i absolutely love is to come across these inspiring videos of people working their magic in their own personal style. Getting to glimpse into an artist's word through such fractions of their work processes is one incredibly wonderful and inspiring thing...


Sunny day

I was smiling a lot today, just being, enjoying the sunshine and letting cares go...

My day started with a fresh latte and a bit of crocheting; I love to start my day like this. I think I told you this before, how I find the process of crocheting so meditative, the actions overtaking the thoughts and how the mind rests while the hands are at work. It really is amazing.
And how I now live on the colder side of the planet, I can always crochet something and then get to wear it regardless of the season. Finally! I have found something positive about the English weather...

We were able to shoot some pictures in the morning, so I updated Le Petit Knit, the shop I have together with my mother. And I did loads of editing later on for my own shop, so new jewelry will soon be available for you to indulge in, and until then I renewed the pink cat necklace (it has been quite popular, my little darling)!

And to make the day not just calming, yet fun, but also delicious, I treated myself to a bowl of "tejbegriz" (which is a kind of semolina and milk pudding) with blackcurrant jam. Tasted like home...

Oh how I love a day filled with playful sunshine...

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Jolly Craft and Arts market

 If you're in London and have nothing particular to do this Saturday, come join us at the Jolly Market, a fun little art and crafts market in North London. I'll be there and my work will be there too, I'd love to meet you! Come say hello ♥

See you really soon!

ps. we have a lovely sunny day today, and I'll be enjoying it to the fullest. More about this in an evening post! 

Monday, June 11, 2012

Etsy shop update

Everything is up in the shop, as I promised yesterday!

And remember, if you buy from Le Petit Knit and Jasmin Blanc Boutique in the same time, just let me know and you'll only pay the shipping costs once.

Hope you had an amazing weekend!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

The weekend

It's been a wonderfully productive day surrounded by singing birds and Hungarian pancakes... Great friends feeding my creativity, I must say!

I have quite a few things coming up in my Etsy shop, most likely tomorrow. Somehow today I was in the mood for taking lots of pictures and editing them right away. Normally I take the pictures and I postpone editing them, so I forget I even had them, and then I work double or triple. Oh, and I have a tutorial up on the Breslo-blog about making super simple wee chocolate/gift sacs. The article itself is in Romanian, but the pictures speak for themselves, so it is worth taking a look.

(sneak peek of  some of the new jewelry that is coming soon to the shop)

Hope you're having an amazing weekend! Sleep tight!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

colors and joy - pink, yellow, cream

rainy and grey = London

This is just about right for summing up our past few days together with those to come. And it makes me desperate for food, in clothes, in life...anything really, that compensates this awfully monotone and cold weather.

In addition I decided to post a palette each week. Colorful things I like and I come across online, inspiring works or just sweet pictures... As long as they brighten my rainy days they will surely fit my posts.

Pastel colors and everything lovely...

Wishing you a colorful evening!

Monday, June 4, 2012

London Arts and Craft Fairs

I wish I had the chance to write before, but everything was so last minute, that I didn't have any time to blog about it, except for tweeting it... (because I'm on twitter now)!

I spent the weekend participating at two fairs, the Vintage Tea Party and Gift Fair at the Boogaloo, a great pub with amazing music, and the Jubilee Street Party and Vintage Fair at the Chequers. It's weird funny, because I feel like I'm at the beginning of my little creative business, as I went back to doing all of it as just a hobby. I mean, I didn't actually do that, but it feels like I did. Starting over used to be fun for a while in my life, now I just want to have something constant, not dull. I don't want routine! But I want things to fall into track. An exciting track. But one that has a direction. Even if that direction remains partly unknown to me...

The fairs were fun though, and meeting new people is always a pleasure! And one thing I treasure a lot is customers leaning over my stall to curiously admire my work... Their smiles and nice words mean so much to me!

So here's to many more 'art fairs' to come and here's to the half unknown direction I have been longing for...