Thursday, June 21, 2012

20 June a special day. Not simply because this day is usually a gorgeous summer day, but especially because it is the sunny day I was born on.

Even the English Sun was kind enough to shine for me all day long, and so I had a wonderfully blissful day, with sweet treats and white roses, love and lots of heartfelt messages and kind words. I am really grateful for all of that, as I am for all the amazing ideas and thought,s that have been going through my mind like tens of tornadoes twisting really fast in my head, picking up whatever interesting there is around, shuffling all that. And I know, that when the wind will one day stop, I shall have the result of what I've been looking for. It is getting clearer, but I may still have a long way to go. Which is nice, and requires a lot of hard work.
I like my journey. And I like my life. And that, my sweet friends, is an incredibly wonderful feeling!

Hope your days are filled with joy!


  1. Happy Birthday, dear Erika! I hope all your wishes come true!


  2. Happy Birthday to you! Your roses are absolutely gorgeous. Bet they smelled divine too.



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