Thursday, June 7, 2012

colors and joy - pink, yellow, cream

rainy and grey = London

This is just about right for summing up our past few days together with those to come. And it makes me desperate for food, in clothes, in life...anything really, that compensates this awfully monotone and cold weather.

In addition I decided to post a palette each week. Colorful things I like and I come across online, inspiring works or just sweet pictures... As long as they brighten my rainy days they will surely fit my posts.

Pastel colors and everything lovely...

Wishing you a colorful evening!

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  1. Beautiful collage! I love those colors and all the items too. That fairie book looks so magical<3

    I'll keep my fingers crossed for some sunshine for you too! Currently it's quite stormy, I take it's probably worse in the UK though.


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