Friday, June 22, 2012

DIY earring display - Tutorial

For the fist market I participated at here in London, I just put together this cardboard display the night before the actual market, just to break the horizontal layout of my jewelry. But I really wanted to have something flat, and easy to carry around with me on public transport for markets and fairs to come, and so I made this little earring display from a picture frame I picked up over at Wilkinsons.

Materials needed:
- strong PVA glue or glue-gun
- brush to apply the glue with (I forgot to include this in the picture above, sorry)
- thin cardboard paper
- ruler
- pencil
- scissor
- stiff textile (preferably something you'd use for cross-stitching)
- desired photo frame

1. Take the photo frame apart, get rid of the glass and image it comes with, just keep the front and the back.

2. Then take the card paper, place the back of the frame on it.

3.  Trace it with the pencil. And cut it to fit the back of the frame. It must be the exact same size (or 1-2 mm smaller) than the back. You could also use the ruler and measure everything, then cut it, but I prefer to do as little math as possible. :)

4. Then place it into your frame, just to double check if it fits, you might need to adjust it.

5. Then comes the textile, cut it the same size your card paper is now. (In this picture you can see the texture of the material. This is important because you want to be able to place the hoops of the earrings into those tiny little holes.)

6. Glue the edges of the paper and textile together. You might want to hold it or place something heavy on top of it for a while, just to make sure it is well glued together. Then place it on the back of the frame (card paper facing the back).

7. You are now ready to place everything into the front frame. If it is a permanent solution for you then don't glue the embellishment to your frame. I did however put some glue in the four corners just to be super sure everything will stay in place. I hope I will get to use my little display often (meaning that I will get to participate at many more craft fairs and art markets) so I want it to last.

8. Flip the little security pannels tightly onto the back. And then if you applied PVA glue, you might want to place a heavier (not too heavy though) object on the back. Once the glue hardens and dries it had already entered into the particles of the paper and the fabric, so it really holds them in place.

And there you have it, your very own earring (or whatever else) display! i suggest you do this even if you are not creating jewelry, just use it for the things you own, it is a nice way to keep an overflowing jewelry-box organized. This way you will not face the issue of missing the other pair of an earring. I am pretty sure it happens often now, doesn't it?

Have a peaceful evening!


  1. I sell jewelry as well and this is such a great idea! Thanks for the tutorial. And thanks for commenting in my blog and following it! I'm following yours as well. :)

    Have a great weekend!


  2. Great idea! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Brilliant idea! This would make a perfect display for my earrings! Thank you for sharing! :)


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