Sunday, June 17, 2012

embroidered napkin-pocket TUTORIAL

I made this embroidered little pocket to be able to buy hankies is economy packages, and still be able to have them with me all the time. Most of the time it is impossible to escape plastic bags/packaging, because most things come in such wrapping. There are however a few things that can be done to avoid some... And this is one of those cases, plus it was such a sweet project to make. 
Hop over to to see the full tutorial! Even though the text is in Romanian, I try to make the pictures as elaborate as possible, so there shouldn't be any problems in understanding the instructions. If you do have any questions though, please just leave me a comment bellow! 

Have an inspiration filled week!


  1. What a cute DIY! I have some leftover felt and I think this is a perfect way to use it. I guess I will do one for my sister's birthday next month - thank you for this birthday present idea!

  2. such a lovely tutorial, thanks for sharing :)


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