Thursday, June 14, 2012

Sunny day

I was smiling a lot today, just being, enjoying the sunshine and letting cares go...

My day started with a fresh latte and a bit of crocheting; I love to start my day like this. I think I told you this before, how I find the process of crocheting so meditative, the actions overtaking the thoughts and how the mind rests while the hands are at work. It really is amazing.
And how I now live on the colder side of the planet, I can always crochet something and then get to wear it regardless of the season. Finally! I have found something positive about the English weather...

We were able to shoot some pictures in the morning, so I updated Le Petit Knit, the shop I have together with my mother. And I did loads of editing later on for my own shop, so new jewelry will soon be available for you to indulge in, and until then I renewed the pink cat necklace (it has been quite popular, my little darling)!

And to make the day not just calming, yet fun, but also delicious, I treated myself to a bowl of "tejbegriz" (which is a kind of semolina and milk pudding) with blackcurrant jam. Tasted like home...

Oh how I love a day filled with playful sunshine...


  1. What a lovely day and feel! :)

  2. love this sweater with cat, so cute :)


  3. Is that a cowl in the top picture? Love the colour of the yarn.
    That bowl of pudding looks delicious.


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