Wednesday, June 27, 2012

when ideas become overwhelming

I never really faced the problem of not having enough ideas. Sketching a new design, contouring a new collection or just mixing a pretty pastel color to incorporate into the clay I work with and then a million other things always keep twisting and turning around in my hectic mind, God bless it! And while this is all so wonderful, at the end of the day it may become a bit obsessive and overwhelming, which is not something you want to say about your "dream job", right? But I can't help it, the flow of thoughts and ideas  in my mind is not something I can turn on and off as I please (it would be a great though), so that is how I discovered crocheting. Once I get the hang of the new pattern, it becomes therapeutically monotone meditative... Oh so wonderful... The flow of thoughts just starts drying out and all that exists is the yarn and the pleasant pattern that begins to develop through the patient movements of the crochet hook. Pure magic. I believe it is called the present moment.

Do you have a switch off button?


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