Tuesday, July 31, 2012

What's new Wednesday!

Perhaps it is not even new anymore, but anything unknown is still to be considered "news" I suppose...
I am home!
It has already been a little over a week now... But time slides by so fast when you enjoy it! And I do, I am telling you... friendly faces, wonderful weather, loving people around and the sweetest touch of clay...Oh the good life!

The weekend was just so sweet and joyful, I nearly cried (happy-tears) at night of how lucky I am to be alive! I have got to spend time with my family and friends I grew up with, celebrating the "birthday" of the village my father comes from. It was silly and sweet in the same time, but so dear to my heart...

That is my sweet mom and I. The very first day she dressed up, after 26 years of being married to my father, in the national costume of his home.
The following morning was dedicated to the children, and everyone wanted to have their face painted, so I grabbed a paintbrush and helped the ONE person who was desperately overwhelmed doing the best she could, but it was a never-ending flow of ever arriving children.We had loads of spidermen and butterflies, I can tell you that!
This was grandma helping out this little boy to transfer a paper napkin image onto a little pouch. Don't you just love, when kids do this? They are so incredibly focused, that they totally forget themselves. It is the funniest little thing!
And then there was my sweet dad, "clay-ing" with a very curious group of children. You should have seen a 3 year old ramming a piece of clay, entitling her work a pancake. Oh, it was delightful!

And then my camera's batteries died and of course, I didn't have the charger with me. But then I started photographing each sweet moment with my heart, to keep the pictures forever.

Oh, it is good to be back!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Rainy London and new jewelry

London woke to a gray day today...again! Rain is pouring down so furiously that it already formed creeks on the sidewalk. In these times I am just so happy to be working from home, not having to put up with the weather outside somewhere...I would become so incredibly grumpy if I had to walk outside in this kind of horror...

On a happier note, yesterday I managed to take pictures all day long, literally. I only had one coffee break between breakfast and dinner, the rest of the time was all about shooting. The lights were perfect, my mood was suitable and everything just fell into its place, so something that had started as taking photos of ten new necklaces ended up being a never ending shooting of new items and re-shooting of the old ones, because I'm planning on doing a shop makeover. I've been constantly dissatisfied with how my Etsy shop looked, somehow I had the impression that my items didn't even belong together. So frustrating. But I managed at last! So watch out for the gradual makeover and new goodies in the shop!

necklaces here

Well, I hope you have a now weekend, without being trapped inside in the middle of summer! Enjoy!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

100 Beanie Drive

I found Jess's blog about a week ago, just as you'd find any other blog out there, one click leads to another and the next thing you know you're reading some story and you find yourself wiping tears from your eyes, that somehow don't seem to dry off... i'm pretty sure it happened to you too at one point.

See, Jess has started what she calls the 100 Beanie Drive to help cancer patients at the Royal Brisbane Hospital, in Brisbane. What she asks us to do is knit up a beanie, a shawl or some mittens and mail it to her until the end of July. It might seem something simple to one who is healthy, yet very essential to someone who is ill, and who's body struggles with both the cancer and the chemo, their blood circulation slows down and they feel cold all the time. Jess knows this, because her dad feels it.
I know this, because my mom feels it.

So the 100 Beanie Drive is a way to help cancer patients at a very basic need. Sometimes when certain problems are of such serious nature we often aim to find miraculous cures, conduct researches, reach for the unreachable, which is pretty amazing, don't get me wrong! But small people, like me, who most likely won't ever find the cure for any kind of disease can still help someone, who is too tired to be too concerned about the amazing researches going on in the world, because they have it in their bodies, they are hurting, they are cold, and most importantly very, very scared. So this is why I cannot even find the right words to say how thankful I am for you, dear Jess, that you made it available for us to help, by organizing the beanie drive.

Therefore, I ask you, my sweet crafty friends, to grab a crochet hook or some knitting needles and put together a beanie, a scarf, a cowl or a mitten really quick and mail it. Someone out there really needs you! Please refer back to Jess's blog for all the detailed description about what all this is about, how you can be a part of it and what it would mean for others if you were...

With all my heart!

Friday, July 6, 2012


Glorious July, welcome!
I can feel your magic. I have yellow roses on my window sill, white chocolate oatmeal cookies on my plate and I drink mint lemon juice from a Bonne Maman mason jar. And while enjoying all these, I am working on a new collection and decided to be effective and instead of storing everything in my mental sketchbook I will put it down. Pen on paper. Well, pencil, actually. It's so not me, yet, it miraculously feels right. As I already mentioned, my mind gets a bit overwhelmed with all the ideas lately, so I'm easily distracted and am unable to prioritize. Hence, the sketchbook and pencil.

I will be heading home at the end of this month, can you believe it? How exciting. I have a special wedding to attend, true summer to enjoy and clay to dig my hands into...oh! the small miracles! watermelon and peaches, here I come!

Gaspi was off from work yesterday, I love those days. Especially if they are sunny and involve sweets. I love time spent together. And I love walks in the mild wind.

But I also love my work, so I will get back to it!
How was your week?