Friday, July 6, 2012


Glorious July, welcome!
I can feel your magic. I have yellow roses on my window sill, white chocolate oatmeal cookies on my plate and I drink mint lemon juice from a Bonne Maman mason jar. And while enjoying all these, I am working on a new collection and decided to be effective and instead of storing everything in my mental sketchbook I will put it down. Pen on paper. Well, pencil, actually. It's so not me, yet, it miraculously feels right. As I already mentioned, my mind gets a bit overwhelmed with all the ideas lately, so I'm easily distracted and am unable to prioritize. Hence, the sketchbook and pencil.

I will be heading home at the end of this month, can you believe it? How exciting. I have a special wedding to attend, true summer to enjoy and clay to dig my hands into...oh! the small miracles! watermelon and peaches, here I come!

Gaspi was off from work yesterday, I love those days. Especially if they are sunny and involve sweets. I love time spent together. And I love walks in the mild wind.

But I also love my work, so I will get back to it!
How was your week?


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