Saturday, July 14, 2012

Rainy London and new jewelry

London woke to a gray day today...again! Rain is pouring down so furiously that it already formed creeks on the sidewalk. In these times I am just so happy to be working from home, not having to put up with the weather outside somewhere...I would become so incredibly grumpy if I had to walk outside in this kind of horror...

On a happier note, yesterday I managed to take pictures all day long, literally. I only had one coffee break between breakfast and dinner, the rest of the time was all about shooting. The lights were perfect, my mood was suitable and everything just fell into its place, so something that had started as taking photos of ten new necklaces ended up being a never ending shooting of new items and re-shooting of the old ones, because I'm planning on doing a shop makeover. I've been constantly dissatisfied with how my Etsy shop looked, somehow I had the impression that my items didn't even belong together. So frustrating. But I managed at last! So watch out for the gradual makeover and new goodies in the shop!

necklaces here

Well, I hope you have a now weekend, without being trapped inside in the middle of summer! Enjoy!

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