Monday, September 10, 2012

Book lovers you might want to see this!

I told you I was busy while being home, didn't I? Would I say something like that if it weren't true? Plus those of you who know me, also know that I can be a tad bit obsessive and either move into the workshop or move the workshop to my home, but either way I will try to do more than I can fit into one day... :)

Yet this time around I have been miraculously able to find the balance between keeping my hands busy and my mind clear of it all. Who knew that was even possible? Well, all jokes aside, I decided to first post these new bookmarks, all signed, in my Etsy shop, and then over the following week continue  with jewelry that still needs assembling. So many new creations and so many surprises, I promise.

These bookmarks would surely make the perfect gift for any book lover out there, plus they are a thoughtful and special little piece to be given or kept. They are sturdy, don't you worry, yet delicate on the eye because of the fine lined lace pattern of the ceramics in a combination of fused glass. Check them out here!


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