Saturday, September 8, 2012

Picnics, home, holiday

Picnics are the best, don't you think?
I still lust over last weekend's special moments. Nice long walks, great food, fresh fruits and pushing limits... Gaspi took 5 days off and came over to Transylvania to spend some days with me and my family before we came back to London. Oh the tiny miracles...

It is funny to observe how one's priority list changes over time. The things that were the most important once slide lower now and the more time passes, the more I realize, how important my family and close friends are to me... I used to think I was born in the wrong place. Now I start to realize that the place in itself is the least important when compared to the people you get to share your life with.

I had an amazing talk with my two amazing friends (whom I have around since kindergarten) right before I left to London. And one of them said something like, "you know, Eri, home will never be defined by the place that surrounds you, but rather by the people you have close to you". She might not even know the power those words had over my heart. But I can tell you one thing, it sure was a kick in the butt and maybe even sort of a wake-up call, to let go of fixed ideas and old pride, they never lead anyplace good...

How were your holidays lovelies?
Enjoy the pretty days of the beginning of fall, even London celebrates with sunshine!

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