Monday, September 24, 2012

Queen silhouette earrings - NEW

(News!!! My Cleopatra statement earrings are now available in 6 different color. Check them out here)

It is all great if it ends well. I suppose that is what they say...And perhaps it is true, especially if all that was in between was, in fact, great too. How was your weekend? Mine involved a nice and long Saturday walk in the beautiful fall sunshine, goofing around on Sunday, drinking hot chocolate while watching Friends with Gaspi (because that is how goofy him and I can get), listening to raindrops falling...And me being so happy not having to be outside in this terrible English weather. So I ended the weekend by catching up on some updates to my shop, which I had to postpone because of some silly faults in the internet connection. I even imagined the rain leaking into those millions of cables chasing Mr. Internet around so he'd be held up from reaching me...for 3 days or so. Not such a nice thing when part of your work happens online now, is it? Anyway, as I said, it turned out to be a happy ending, no fireworks though :)

Sleep tight!

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