Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Happy Halloween! (or, Gaspar's first Jack-o-Lantern) +DIY

Happy Halloween!

Amazing, right? I could not believe it when Gaspar told me this was the first Jack-o-lantern he has ever had and made, for that matter. We decided not to buy any kits or patterns and use tools lying around the house to carve our cute little pumpkin. It did take a bit longer, but we weren't in any rush after all. It was not only the end result that mattered, it was also a lot of fun making it!

I believe there is no right or wrong way of doing the carving, you just have to find the methods that work best for you. We didn't want to spend on kits and special tools or patterns, so we used Gaspar's penknife (which is quite sharp), but you can use any kind of sharp knife you have lying around in your kitchen drawer, a spoon, a washable marker, a thick sewing needle and a precision knife.

1. Cut the "cap" off , inserting the knife in a 45 degree angle.
2. Take the cap off.
3. Clean the cap off and take out all the seeds from the inside of your pumpkin.
4. You should now have and empty pumpkin with a lid.
5. Draw your pumpkin-face with the marker. If you don't know what to draw, just google jack-o-lanterns, that should do it! You will see really artistic designs (some really blew me away!), but there is plenty of simple inspiration as well.
6. With a thick and long needle start punching your drawing out along the lines. This will make it easier to cut the parts out.
7. And lastly, take your precision cutter and start connecting the dots made with the needle in the previous step. When you are done cutting, carefully push out each part. You could even work in sections (this is what I did, when cutting the mouth), that should make it easier and you won't have to worry about missing a tooth in the end :)

(Gaspi pretending to be a pumpkin head. Yeah! I know!)

And yesterday, when the electricity went out in the house, and it got darker outside as well as inside, we just lit Bob (because that is the name Gaspar gave to our pumpkin) and a couple of other candles and enjoyed the calm and silent time until the UK electrics arrived and fixed the fuse. :)

Have you carved any pumpkins this year? I would love to see them!

Happy Halloween!
Trick or treat?


Sunday, October 28, 2012

A pastel love story - Ceramic jewelry

It all started with a girl's (that's me!) weakness for pastel colors...
And then some gypsum hearts were shaped and shaped again, in three different sizes, and soon after, this series of pastel hearts were born. The pastel colors comes from the ceramic material itself (which I color in my workshop), glazed with transparent glaze for protection and gloss. The white polka dots come out clearly in relief, thus forming a textured feel to the touch. A true candy, wouldn't you say?

Playful brooches found HERE in medium size. Should you be one of the statement jewelry wearers out there, then you will surely love this size HERE!

Delicate love earrings found HERE
These ones have sweet little flowers on them, instead of polka dots. Very feminine and delicate. While making them, I was thinking how sweet would they look at a wedding, for the bridesmaids to all wear pretty heart earrings, symbolizing all the love that is proudly presented to family and friends by the newlyweds! What a fantastic way to celebrate that!

Then back to polka dots again. Tiny stud earrings found HERE. Custom colors available!

And last but not least, here are some glossy plain pastel hearts, a subtle feminine design for those of you ladies who like to keep things minimal...and fab! You can find these sweet hearts HERE!

For other botanical brooches and more just go HERE!

At first site, for the first time, or for the 10th time with the same man... Celebrate falling in love, ladies! 


Saturday, October 27, 2012

Chevron "penne" necklace - DIY

Hi everyone!

It is DIY time again, I don't know about you, but over in my corner of the world I prefer to stay indoors, sip hot coffee and get onto crossing out things from my to do list, which is naturally too long to finish, but I am doing quite good! But since the weather is a bummer, and you are probably looking for stuff to do, here's an idea! Make yourself a necklace from Italian penne, something your probably have in your pantry! HERE's how! (tutorial is in Romanian, but the pictures are explicit enough, should you have any questions, just leave them in the comment box bellow this post)

Happy weekend!

Monday, October 22, 2012

on my Fall Wishlist

Perhaps it would be a tad bit early to write to Santa, so therefore, dear fall fairies, I would like an Irish cottage to live in (but if you're short on money the clay miniature will do just fine), a Jasmine scented solid perfume, a cozy cardigan, the glaze recipe book written by Emmanuel Cooper, geometric stacking rings, pretty vintage shoes from the '40s, a brown dress, pottery bowls for my yummiest fall recipes, a crown ring to adorn my hands with, a citrine  necklace (since I just found out how healing it is for Gemini to wear this particular gemstone) and this stylish crochet bag from Yokoo. All in brown, tan, drab and well, the perfect colors for this magical season! Oh, sweetest fall fairies, how nice would it be...


Saturday, October 20, 2012

Jasmin Blanc - the wedding boutique

Well, you know, it all started with a little crush on making ceramic flowers, and the next thing I knew, I was putting together a whole wedding collection. Until now I was showing and selling them in my Jasmin Blanc Etsy shop, but after some thinking I decided to open up a separate shop just for my wedding items, ranging from hair accessories to cuff links, from engagement ring boxes to keepsake boxes and bridal jewelry. This all happened just right when I realized I needed a bit more consistency. Besides, it is so much fun to browse in a shop where you can find lots of amazing wedding related items. I know I love that! And I hope you do too, so head over to Jasmin Blanc Wedding and take a look for yourself!!!


Friday, October 19, 2012

Hyde Park - snapshots

sweet escape...until the weather -bless her soul- decided to switch from being moody to coming down with a torrential rain. And ironically we were the farthest we could be from any of "our" metro stations.  ...Yay!

But anyway, before the entire park had turned into a huge pond, we had a nice walk, trying to take a photo of some friendly squirles, fooling around with leaf eyebrows, kicking the colorful fallen leaves and watching a swan hurt the girl who was going to feed it from her palms.

Hyde Park is really beautiful, I just wish there was ONE time when we could take a walk in the warm sunshine instead of pouring rain...

What about you? Any fun plans for the weekend? 


P.S. I just listed new goodies to Le Petit Knit, including a cozy striped cowl and a Minnie mouse headband! Don't miss out on the fun! ♥

Monday, October 15, 2012

crochet collar

I went crazy with colors after making this collar. It all began with me starting off makeing a triangle scarf in white, with the thinnest crochet hook and yarn, and it is taking me FOREVER to finish it, partly because I get bored of not seeing that much of a progress after hours of crocheting...it was just too much of the same thing, and I had to break the routine, if you know what I mean. So here is what I did!

They will be up in Le Petit Knit as soon as I find the prefect buttons for them, and until then I can just continue on making the never-ending triangle scarf and promise myself not to repeat it using thin yarn ever again... It is beautiful though...I really like how the rows unfold into a beautiful triangle, becoming wider and wider, I just don't see the end yet. And how's that for a metaphor to my own life at this stage?

What about you? How was your weekend? Any fun projects you've been working on?

Saturday, October 13, 2012

looking for the perfect gift?

...custom cat pendant. It can't get more unique than that! ♥

Cats and more cats. Did lots of them and people loved them. My kitties have traveled around the world and seen all corners for me, which makes me feel a little bit like I've been there...But I this time around I want something else, something more... Something I do especially for you! Which doesn't mean that all the other pastel kitties will disappear, no,no. It only means that in addition to mono colored cat necklaces I now want you to meet the custom kitty-cat pendant. Amazing to surprise cat loving friends with, or why not yourself, should you be one of those people?!

How does it work?

Well it is really simple actually... I will need a picture of your cat, or your friend's cat, depending on who the necklace is for. And you could even send me a short description (but this is optional) or funny story, I'd love to learn more about him/her before I start giving life to my plain ceramic cat pendant.

And voila...

I will send a picture of the finished piece back to you before I ship it. I really want you to love your pendant and I am happy to make any additional changes, should you request them...

Why, you may ask...
 The mono-colored cats did not have eyes. And yet, I like eyes. I love people's eyes. I love children's eyes. And I love the eyes of animals.
 I like to believe that it is what gives living beings their personality, it suggests who they are, where they come from and in a strange way it might even suggest the reason why...

They can come with a bow...or without. It is up to you, just let me know.

And that is it really, so let the fun begin.
Just hop over to Jasmin Blanc now and get your very own custom cat necklace, on a sterling silver chain!

I'm so excited! Hope you are too!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Jasmin Blanc Mailing List

I am so excited to tell you that as from today there will be a mailing list for Jasmin Blanc Boutique you can subscribe to and thus be the first to know about new collections, exciting news, giveaways, sales and so much more!
So don't miss out on all the fun, come join me!

Important to know is, that it will be a monthly newsletter, which means you will know everything in time and yet I will not annoy you and fill up your inbox, I can promise you that! It would mean the world if you would support my work and share the fun along with me!

Cannot wait to have you!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Occasions occasions... Collar necklace, pearl and gold!

For a wedding? Perhaps!
But it can just as well suit any day of the year, because it is up to us weather we live each day as a special occasion or just another dull day when there is nothing going on.
The truth is though, that there is never nothing going on...There is always something happening around us, but it depends if we want to part-take or not.
So with that in mind I created these two necklaces. Wearing them will make any of your days special, so let them work their magic, and open your heart!


Tuesday, October 2, 2012

morning walk in the park

I love the crisp air of a beautiful Autumn morning...
And the warm, cozy Autumn afternoons remind me of when I was little, I used to lay down on the dry grass and watch the wind blow the curly clouds back and forth; I used to ride my bike and watch the hills surrounded by foggy semi-transparent gray air; I used walk in the woods, running through the fallen yellow leaves, bending down to raise them up and cast them in the air, watching them fall again to the ground; I used to laugh so hard that tears came to my eyes; I used to hold my grandma's kitty-cats until they fell asleep and couldn't feel my legs, but I still didn't move, so afraid not to wake him up; I used to fall asleep too, without having anything on my mind, except the love in my heart that surrounded my day.

I found this beautiful spiderweb the other day on my afternoon walk. Oh beautiful nature, you never cease to inspire me!

How is autumn over where you live? Do you have any special memories related to this magical season?