Sunday, October 28, 2012

A pastel love story - Ceramic jewelry

It all started with a girl's (that's me!) weakness for pastel colors...
And then some gypsum hearts were shaped and shaped again, in three different sizes, and soon after, this series of pastel hearts were born. The pastel colors comes from the ceramic material itself (which I color in my workshop), glazed with transparent glaze for protection and gloss. The white polka dots come out clearly in relief, thus forming a textured feel to the touch. A true candy, wouldn't you say?

Playful brooches found HERE in medium size. Should you be one of the statement jewelry wearers out there, then you will surely love this size HERE!

Delicate love earrings found HERE
These ones have sweet little flowers on them, instead of polka dots. Very feminine and delicate. While making them, I was thinking how sweet would they look at a wedding, for the bridesmaids to all wear pretty heart earrings, symbolizing all the love that is proudly presented to family and friends by the newlyweds! What a fantastic way to celebrate that!

Then back to polka dots again. Tiny stud earrings found HERE. Custom colors available!

And last but not least, here are some glossy plain pastel hearts, a subtle feminine design for those of you ladies who like to keep things minimal...and fab! You can find these sweet hearts HERE!

For other botanical brooches and more just go HERE!

At first site, for the first time, or for the 10th time with the same man... Celebrate falling in love, ladies! 


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