Monday, October 22, 2012

on my Fall Wishlist

Perhaps it would be a tad bit early to write to Santa, so therefore, dear fall fairies, I would like an Irish cottage to live in (but if you're short on money the clay miniature will do just fine), a Jasmine scented solid perfume, a cozy cardigan, the glaze recipe book written by Emmanuel Cooper, geometric stacking rings, pretty vintage shoes from the '40s, a brown dress, pottery bowls for my yummiest fall recipes, a crown ring to adorn my hands with, a citrine  necklace (since I just found out how healing it is for Gemini to wear this particular gemstone) and this stylish crochet bag from Yokoo. All in brown, tan, drab and well, the perfect colors for this magical season! Oh, sweetest fall fairies, how nice would it be...


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  1. Beautiful autumnal picks! That cardigan looks so cosy :)


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