Monday, November 19, 2012

How to add fringes to a shawl (or any knitted/crocheted work)

Adding fringe to a piece of knitted or crocheted work will not only make it look finished, but can also update an old shawl or scarf and make it into something new.
Today I will show you one method to make and add the fringes to your clothing.

First of all you will need you knits or crochets, whatever you want to add fringes to. You will need matching yarn, a crochet hook, a pair of scissors and a storage box lid (or anything similar).

The object you will use to line up the yarn should be as wide as you want your fringes to be.

Then you will want to just wrap your yarn around the lid (or whatever object you are using) many many times. You could also count how many times you wrap it and then calculate how many fringes that makes, but I cannot be bothered with such math problems... It all depends on whether you are a counting person or the one who goes with the odds :)

When you have lots of it wrapped around your lid take your scissors and cut the yarn at the bottom.

Decide how thick or thin you want your fringes to be. I used 6 pieces of yarn for each fringe I made. And then I lined them up nicely, so that when I start adding them to my work I can do it continuously.

Remember that it is going to be double the size it is now, since we are bending each bunch into halves.

Then take your knit work and decide what the distance will be between each fringe.

Grab your crochet hook and from the wrong side of your knit work push it through the hole, yarn over the entire fringe in the middle, slightly pull it through and then make a knot.

And continue til the end of your work.
Curious about my shawl? Check out more pictures at Le Petit Knit!

I hope that helped :)
Stay cozy!

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  1. Very beautiful pattern! Thank you for sharing.


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