Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Newwwww in Le Petit Knit

Remember how I told you, that I was waiting for a package from my partner? Well, last Friday went to pick it up and over the weekend I managed to schedule a little shoot, so hurry up and head over to Le Petit Knit :)

Here's a little sneak peek...

Hand-knitted in luxurious and fluffy mohair yarn, they are all made in various lacy designs, in delightful colors... Perfect to wear over an evening cocktail dress or by day over your office outfit. Practical and dashingly beautiful in the same time!

Erika and Anna Maria from Le Petit Knit

Ps. To read about the makers of Le Petit Knit, click HERE


  1. I love it :)
    amazing post!

  2. these are so cool! i love the style! nice work :)


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