Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Pompom bracelet - Tutorial

I started out crocheting a striped collar for Le Petit Knit this morning, while drinking my coffee and then I thought, how fun would it be to make a "striped" pompom bracelet! So I did!

Here's how to:

- for the pompoms you will need: two different colors of yarn, a fork and a pair of scissors.
- for the bracelet: sewing needle, yarn, jewelry chain, split hoops, a lobster clasp and jewelry pliers.

There are probably dozens of techniques to pompom making, from handmade cardboard circles to mass produced pompom kits, but this time, you will just have to run out to your kitchen and grab a fork. Then wrap yarn around it (the more yarn you wrap, the thicker the pompom will be). Tie a piece of your yarn around the middle - at this point, you will have something like a bow. You want to tie it really tightly, because otherwise your pompom will fall apart. Then cut the yarn at each side and slide the yarn ball off the fork.

It looks uneven at this point, I know, but you can cut it into a perfect ball shape with your scissors. Enjoy trimming (this is my favorite part).

To make the bracelet, first you want to take your sewing needle and yarn, push it through all three pompoms, then push it right back, loosely, and then tie the ends together. You will have little "yarn-hoops" at each end, into which you will adjust the chain with the clasp and the split metal hoop.

Easy as that!

Hope you enjoy making this!

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  1. This is really cute! Thanks for sharing.

    <3 Melissa

  2. super!!!
    greetings from germany


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