Sunday, November 11, 2012

sweet detail

So I have already let you in on my little secret a couple of days ago, but the truth is, listening to Christmas music did not happen just that one time... See, the thing is, I am leaving London on the 1 of December, and Gaspar will not be home with me til Christmas (and maybe not even then, but this I don't even want to imagine, due to his job change), so we decided to, as silly as this might sound, name November as our Christmas month together this year, so we have put up Christmas-lights in our bedroom and we are surprising each other with small gifts almost every other day (which was not planned, but came naturally). So then please forgive me, if I sneak some Christmas posts in on this blog, way ahead of time... :) You will, won't you? :)

And that being said, I have a question for you! Do you have your traditional Christmas sweets, ones that you prepare each year? Or do you just gather new recipes throughout the year to make for Christmas? I would love to hear what your favorite Christmas cake/cookie recipes are... Either way, here is a bit of inspiration for you!

For more recipes check out my Pinterest board

Happy Sunday!

PS. Congratulations Julie, you are the WINNER of my November giveaway! :)

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