Monday, January 7, 2013

Christmas fair - December 2012 / part ll

getting ready

Two days of great people...This is what I absolutely love about this particular fair!!! And now, having been away for so long in London, all my old clients were there, happy to see Jasmin Blanc jewelry in person again. It is such a blessing to meet clients face to face, see their expressions, see the way their eyes glow when holding a piece of jewelry in their hands. One of my favorite things was when boyfriends came back asking for jewelry that their girls were looking at! So sweet!

my stall at the fair

I met wonderful new stall holders/artists/artisans too, along with those whom I started out going to these fairs with... In no particular order here are some photos and links to these artists shops/blogs. Check them out, it is really worth it!

 I have written about Adriana from Marillys a number of times already...She has become a dear friend over the years since we both do what we do, and even though we only get to meet at fairs she inspires me with her joyous optimism, her strength to persist, her dream to create a sustainable and nature friendly business and her kind words with which she encourages me to keep doing what I love, even when times are harder...

Please check out her blog, facebook page and most importantly her shop! She makes everything herself from 100% natural ingredients. I wholeheartedly recommend her chocolate mouse body butter and her magic eye cream stick. 

 My sweet friend, and stall neighbor, Ruxandra and her colorful jewelry and Christmas tree ornaments

 LaVee Bijou and her blog here!

 Beautiful sisters creating delicate jewelry. Click here to see their shop on Etsy.

Contemporary art by Mar Verde, check them out on facebook!

 Maria and her amazing bib work and beautiful cameos. Find her blog here!

 Phenomenal paper jewelry and scrapbooks made by Bianca. Find her on FB!

See you at Craciun Cu Stil  in 2013 :)


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