Thursday, January 31, 2013


I think I am coming down with a cold, but not even this could change my happy mood today! I had to realize, glazing days are always like some sort of festival to my soul. The bare fact that I place white looking pieces of clay into the kiln today, and the next thing I know, I take them out in colors tomorrow evening seems like some kind of miracle to me. Yes, I know I over mystify the process, but that is just how I feel about this particular phase of my work. Being able to turn mud into something with a form, color and function never ceases to amaze me...

Stay happy!
Love, E.

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  1. Erika you have a little heaven there. So many pretty things. I love that braided rope, what is it?

  2. wonderful pieces you have there! wow!

  3. So many little pieces! I'm so curious as to what your work is, I'm going to investigate it further right after I send this! Looking forward to reading more on what it is you do!

  4. Hi Erika, I'm dropping by from Mud Colony - love your jewellery pieces and I know what you mean about the glaze firing though I find the process of glazing larger pieces a bit nerve racking :^)

  5. Lovely work - it is a long process, but rewarding (I'm from Mud Colony too). Look forward to seeing it finished.


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