Thursday, January 24, 2013

Morning fog and bunny making

Before starting my day, I went for a short walk with the dogs, just above my father's workshop...The morning fog formed a thick duvet over the city,that lays in the valley, but the sun was brightly shining over the hills I was at...Bewildering moments I am incredibly thankful for!

Due to an unexpected event, my father had to leave, so I spent the entire day in the workshop all by myself. It was perfect. I had a lot to finish up by tonight, since my days left to spend in the workshop are counted, so to say, as I am going back to London in a few weeks, but today without any rush I took my time, enjoying everything. Today I felt like I had all the time in the world...

One of my faithful companions was with me all day long, hypnotizing me ALLDAYLONG to feed him alldaylong! But anyways, it was still nice to have someone around. So in between all the dancing and singing along foolishly with the radio, I had a wonderfully fun day, doing what lights my life up...

All together a very simple day, but all the more meaningful to my heart!
Hope your days are filled with magic.
Love, E.

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