Thursday, January 17, 2013

the sweetest memories

source Kayla Skogh

It does not happen often that I watch tv.
And yet, somehow tonight I watched the amazing biography of a Hungarian actor. His life, his stories, oh it felt like reading an amazing novel that hugs you and keeps you under its spell. And at one point he said, my grandfather had just died, and shortly after my father had lost his job. We had to move out from our home and resettle -all 5 of us- in a small studio place. And yet, we were very happy. Everything that was around us, material things, seemed to melt away. But we shared this amazingly humble love, and we were truly happy! After this, he talked about his memories, the way they had to move and hide, when the war started and the Russians invaded the country. He talked about what an amazingly large family he has and how they used to play together with his cousins, jumping in ponds, running from their neighbor and from the man's dog, making Christmas decoration from old cardboard and food cans...They had everything they really needed.

It was the most wonderful life story I had heard in quite a while...

I always loved listening to my grandparents' and parents' stories, I still do. And I love writing my own story with an imaginary pencil into the wind.

But today, after watching this amazing, happy man, I asked myself...will there be any stories for the computer generation? What will they tell their children and grandchildren about?

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