Monday, January 7, 2013

We are engaged - Christmas 2012 / part lll

Perhaps I gave the news away with the title and the photo, but I mean, we are engaged! Can you believe it? :) It's a good thing I have the pretty ring on my finger, otherwise I would not believe it myself. It is like a pinch to reality!

On Christmas Eve, I was opening a gift, there was a cozy knitted pair of socks inside, and between them was a tiny handmade origami box with a navy colored satin bow. The timing was perfect and the answer was already formed in my heart...

I am excited about this fresh start, a new year with new adventures.
Thank you so, so very much for being a part of it!


  1. Felicitari draga Erika sunt atat de bucuroasa pentru tine. Meriti sa fi fericita :*

  2. Felicitari Erika, sa va iubiti for ever!

  3. Felicitari!!!! Ce propunere frumoasa!
    Sa aveti parte de multa, multa dragoste si aventuri frumoase impreuna!

  4. Felicitari si multa fericire impreuna!!


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