Sunday, February 10, 2013

Third firing

I think I am going to soon make a post about the entire work process that goes into each and every single piece of ceramic jewelry I create, it would be fun wouldn't it? Then I could even satisfy all your curiosities :) What do you say?

But until then, last week was the peek of my work, starting with the beginning of this year. My father's studio is set up with two very large kilns (at least they are huge, when it comes to my 2 x 3 cm jewelry pieces) that I can use whenever I am home, so I have to work A LOT to be able to load a kiln, you can only imagine... Anyway, last week was that of the 3 firings, meaning that I worked from early morning until late in the evening to be able to finish the cleaning for the bisque firing, the glazing for the glaze-firing and the decoration for the third firing. And to all those, today, I can say: check! Yaaay! :)

I am working on a number of projects simultaneously, as always, but I made many many new goodies for both my Etsy (International) and my Breslo (Romania) shop, to be listed as soon as possible. So stay close!

Now I am off to enjoy my lazy Sunday with some chocolate custard, watching large snowflakes swinging down gracefully from the sky...


  1. I love to see you work in progress. So happy to find your beautiful blog!

    Have a lovely Sunday!

  2. Hi from another Mud Colony blogger :^) I love those little bowls and cup in the top image.


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