Thursday, March 21, 2013

maybe I should sleep in my studio

I am in the middle of, what I could only describe as, a bittersweet week...
Working a minimum of 12 hours a day and still loving it, even more so. For a while these last firings will be the last ones, as I am leaving to London on Easter Sunday (what a day to travel, right?), and then London will set me back and refrain me to taking photos and shipping orders. Leaving my studio is always daunting, and it seems I will never get used to it.

(un-fired mugs and muffin stands)
(bisque fired kitty-cat wedding cake topper)

But until then I still have a few crazy days to enjoy, dip my hands into clay and glazes, and splash pigments all over the place. How is your week? Do you have anything fun planned for the upcoming weekend?

Happy Spring!

Monday, March 11, 2013


Who doesn't have a weak spot for Etsy, honestly?
I could spend hours (though I try to be disciplined) admiring the amazing work and wonderful finds on Etsy, if you're patient it's practically impossible not to find what you were looking for. In fact you're very likely to find even what you weren't looking for but you suddenly realize that you absolutely I right?

Here are my current favorites:
1. Espresso pour deux from Art & Manufacture
2. Amazing cat shawl (hair) pin from The ancient muse
3. Vintage cat eye glasses from BecaRuns
4. Absolutely fantastic wood cluch from Tesler+Mendelovitch. There are no words to describe how much I love these!!! Fantastic design!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

DIY: embroidered leather bag tutorial

I write Saturday tutorials for Breslog, as you might already know... Go and check out today's DIY embroidered sun-glasses pouch!
Happy crafty weekend!

Friday, March 8, 2013

happiness to all the lovely ladies out there

happy Women's Day, ladies!

Did you do anything special today? 
Me, I was forced to rest, having been sentenced to staying at home due to the dental surgery I had yesterday. Imagine me waking up and looking into the mirror this morning, looking like a hamster. An adorable one at that! My doctor said it will be the worst the second day after surgery, so I don't even want think about who will look back at me from the mirror tomorrow morning...

But I am not too upset, in fact I am quite glad the worst part is over... I can only get better from now on!
Tried to be productive today and laid out everything on the living room table, but then Mr. headache and toothache paid a long visit and I decided to REALLY take a break and relax today. It actually felt nice for a change. As much as I love what I do, sometimes it feels good to eat some custard, read a book and not think of any glaze colors or to-do lists...

Do you manage to balance work and personal life? I find this to be one of the biggest challenges in my life... Still working on managing this one though...

I hope you have beautiful flowers on your nightstand!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

snapshots of an average day in the studio

(wonderfully shaped, dried plants I found during my afternoon walk with the dogs)

The average perfect work day... Nothing more and in the same time nothing less than happiness! I spend most of my days in my studio corner (within my father's workshop), and I intend to keep the habit until the very end of March, when duty calls me back to London again (*annoyed sigh*)!

(new ceramic feather brooch I'm working on)

But until then I hope to have many more perfect days, taking long walks along the hills above the workshop, while the kiln cools down after a long night's firing. Then I open the door and marvel, dance about and scream of utter joy and happiness. You should see me! Well, maybe you wouldn't want to, otherwise you'd have to listen to me ramble around about how happy I am and how amazing this life is...! Oh yes, I do that every time I get to open the door of the kiln and hold a month's worth of work in my hands...

(Emilie, inspecting the new pendant)

(preparing the newly glaze-fired pieces for decoration)

(water lily jewelry box, this was a custom order for a dear and faithful client of Jasmin Blanc)

Has your day been sunny? Oh, spring greets me everywhere I look, it is the most wonderful time...but then again I say that too often over the course of a calendar year :)

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Sunday recipe: Transylvanian wasp nest

The name of this sweet bread cake is obviously, literally, translated from Hungarian, but in a way if you come to think of it, visually it makes some sense.

To me Sundays are directly connected to good food, I mean whenever I think of this day, I always think of something delicious to eat. Either having friends over, or visiting family, but either way this seventh day of the week is all about sharing great food in the company of some of the most amazing people I know.

That being said, here is this wonderful recipe that my grandmother used to bake. It is a rich walnut filled sweet bread, a traditional recipe from Transylvania.

Wasp nest (sweet bread)

500 gr. flour
5 egg yolks
30 gr. fresh yeast
2 dl. milk
1 teasp. sugar
pinch of salt
For the filling:
150 gr. ground walnut
150 gr. butter (unsalted, naturally)
150 gr. sugar

1. Let the yeast raise in 100 ml warm milk to which you've added the teaspoon of sugar. Mix the flour, the egg yolks, the salt and the risen yeast together and work it into a neat dough. Cover it with a clean tea towel and leave it 1,5 hours to rest in a warm and dry place. Then roll the dough until it becomes 5mm think.

2. Work the butter together with the sugar, until the mixture becomes creamy. Then add the ground walnut and mix well. Carefully place the filling onto the rolled dough and spread it evenly.

3. Roll it up carefully, slice it into 3cm wide pieces, then place each "nest" onto a parchment paper lined pan, one next to the other (leaving about 1cm space between them). Before putting the pan into the oven, leave it to raise 30 more minutes.

4. Then put it into the oven, bake it until the little nests become golden. Quickly take the pan out of the oven, brush the top of the sweet bread with sugar-milk (melt it before you take the cake out of the oven) and put it back for a couple more minutes.

Served with warm milk, it makes a great breakfast as well as a rich dessert, or snack...or a sweet excuse!
Restful Sunday everyone!