Friday, March 8, 2013

happiness to all the lovely ladies out there

happy Women's Day, ladies!

Did you do anything special today? 
Me, I was forced to rest, having been sentenced to staying at home due to the dental surgery I had yesterday. Imagine me waking up and looking into the mirror this morning, looking like a hamster. An adorable one at that! My doctor said it will be the worst the second day after surgery, so I don't even want think about who will look back at me from the mirror tomorrow morning...

But I am not too upset, in fact I am quite glad the worst part is over... I can only get better from now on!
Tried to be productive today and laid out everything on the living room table, but then Mr. headache and toothache paid a long visit and I decided to REALLY take a break and relax today. It actually felt nice for a change. As much as I love what I do, sometimes it feels good to eat some custard, read a book and not think of any glaze colors or to-do lists...

Do you manage to balance work and personal life? I find this to be one of the biggest challenges in my life... Still working on managing this one though...

I hope you have beautiful flowers on your nightstand!

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  1. Oh...I hope you'll get well soon :) Yesterday I ride my bike with a basket full of spring flowers ♥ Happy women's day to you too!


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