Thursday, March 21, 2013

maybe I should sleep in my studio

I am in the middle of, what I could only describe as, a bittersweet week...
Working a minimum of 12 hours a day and still loving it, even more so. For a while these last firings will be the last ones, as I am leaving to London on Easter Sunday (what a day to travel, right?), and then London will set me back and refrain me to taking photos and shipping orders. Leaving my studio is always daunting, and it seems I will never get used to it.

(un-fired mugs and muffin stands)
(bisque fired kitty-cat wedding cake topper)

But until then I still have a few crazy days to enjoy, dip my hands into clay and glazes, and splash pigments all over the place. How is your week? Do you have anything fun planned for the upcoming weekend?

Happy Spring!


  1. wow those muffin stands and cups are gorgeous!

  2. Your studio is such a wonderland, I can see why it's so hard to stay away from it!
    And it looks like you are making magical stuff in there..are there by any chance still available two of those pretty mugs?


    1. Thank you, it really is hard... :))
      The mugs will be available to buy in the summer (when I come back again). These ones here were the prototypes of this design and I've made a few for personal use only. But you will see more of these in just a few months, I promise :)

  3. Indeed your work place must be a wonderland and what comes from there is magic. Lovely, I absolutely love the kitty couple


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