Tuesday, March 5, 2013

snapshots of an average day in the studio

(wonderfully shaped, dried plants I found during my afternoon walk with the dogs)

The average perfect work day... Nothing more and in the same time nothing less than happiness! I spend most of my days in my studio corner (within my father's workshop), and I intend to keep the habit until the very end of March, when duty calls me back to London again (*annoyed sigh*)!

(new ceramic feather brooch I'm working on)

But until then I hope to have many more perfect days, taking long walks along the hills above the workshop, while the kiln cools down after a long night's firing. Then I open the door and marvel, dance about and scream of utter joy and happiness. You should see me! Well, maybe you wouldn't want to, otherwise you'd have to listen to me ramble around about how happy I am and how amazing this life is...! Oh yes, I do that every time I get to open the door of the kiln and hold a month's worth of work in my hands...

(Emilie, inspecting the new pendant)

(preparing the newly glaze-fired pieces for decoration)

(water lily jewelry box, this was a custom order for a dear and faithful client of Jasmin Blanc)

Has your day been sunny? Oh, spring greets me everywhere I look, it is the most wonderful time...but then again I say that too often over the course of a calendar year :)

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