Sunday, March 3, 2013

Sunday recipe: Transylvanian wasp nest

The name of this sweet bread cake is obviously, literally, translated from Hungarian, but in a way if you come to think of it, visually it makes some sense.

To me Sundays are directly connected to good food, I mean whenever I think of this day, I always think of something delicious to eat. Either having friends over, or visiting family, but either way this seventh day of the week is all about sharing great food in the company of some of the most amazing people I know.

That being said, here is this wonderful recipe that my grandmother used to bake. It is a rich walnut filled sweet bread, a traditional recipe from Transylvania.

Wasp nest (sweet bread)

500 gr. flour
5 egg yolks
30 gr. fresh yeast
2 dl. milk
1 teasp. sugar
pinch of salt
For the filling:
150 gr. ground walnut
150 gr. butter (unsalted, naturally)
150 gr. sugar

1. Let the yeast raise in 100 ml warm milk to which you've added the teaspoon of sugar. Mix the flour, the egg yolks, the salt and the risen yeast together and work it into a neat dough. Cover it with a clean tea towel and leave it 1,5 hours to rest in a warm and dry place. Then roll the dough until it becomes 5mm think.

2. Work the butter together with the sugar, until the mixture becomes creamy. Then add the ground walnut and mix well. Carefully place the filling onto the rolled dough and spread it evenly.

3. Roll it up carefully, slice it into 3cm wide pieces, then place each "nest" onto a parchment paper lined pan, one next to the other (leaving about 1cm space between them). Before putting the pan into the oven, leave it to raise 30 more minutes.

4. Then put it into the oven, bake it until the little nests become golden. Quickly take the pan out of the oven, brush the top of the sweet bread with sugar-milk (melt it before you take the cake out of the oven) and put it back for a couple more minutes.

Served with warm milk, it makes a great breakfast as well as a rich dessert, or snack...or a sweet excuse!
Restful Sunday everyone!


  1. These are my favourite things ever! My grandma makes them and they are the best!

  2. Holy cow! These look amazing!
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