Tuesday, April 30, 2013

meeting Daisy

I spent the most amazing weekend in the company of a tiny miracle, called Daisy.
Our flatmate brought her home a couple of nights ago. He bought her off of a homeless man, who got her from some lady (some lady, I'd say!!!).

Anyway, she is now living with us, and since our flatmates are working during most of the day, I get to stay with her, watching her sleep and play with her, not to mention saving her from the other very jealous cat we have living with us.

The other cat, Poppy, well, she's something else... Beautiful shiny black cat, but she's fierce... rather to look at, but not touch, otherwise she'll tear and bite your hand off. Something like that anyway. She is cuddly in the middle of the day though, when she is too bored and I am the only one around.  Oh she is a sweet cat, but just not my type, waaaay too crazy for me.

But Daisy, oh she is the sweetest little kitty angel I have ever seen in my life. Playful, yet kind and cuddly, sleeps in the palm of my hand, pushing her little head really deep into it so that the light won't disturb her dreams. Oh and the cutest thing, she licks the milk off my fingers, because she is too scared to put her little mouth into her dish. She has me under her charm, I can't help it!

Secretly I wish they will give her to me, I mean, my birthday is not even two months away...
Gosh, it would be the most amazing gift I could receive!

Do you love kitties as much as I do?

Friday, April 26, 2013


Atlas hands - Benjamin Francis Leftwich

Spring opens my heart in ways I couldn't imagine... It brings new hopes to my heart and helps me let go of the old and silly fears. It lets me swing into the new and unknown.
Smiles. Sparkles. Green. Smell of fresh cut grass. Travels. Dreams. Sunshine and refreshing rain. Chilly mornings and calming warm afternoons. Hope. Timelessness. Breath.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Lost Lanes - JB stockist

I am so happy to announce that as of today The Lost Lanes carries Jasmin Blanc jewelry, an online store with worldwide shipping, stocking a wonderful range of products from UK based artists!

"Our mission is simple and clear to only take on and showcase designers who are just that, designers, people who built their ideas from dream to concept. " Raquel and Michael state in their description!

Love what they represent, hope you will too!
Visit their website to see more, like them on facebook or follow them on twitter to be the first to hear about news and offers!

Lots of spring love,

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

GIVEAWAY! win a soft pink cat necklace by Jasmin Blanc

Good morning lovelies,

I woke up smiling today..no reason. So I decided to host a giveaway, for no other reason than waking up smiling! :)

So there it is! I am giving away one of the ever so popular soft pink cat pendants of mine! All you have to do is LIKE Jasmin Blanc on Facebook, and SHARE the posting with an open account also on Facebook. You can do both simply by clicking on the links.

Giveaway closes on 27th April, at midnight GMT, and the winner will be announced shortly after!
Mr. random.org will be the judge of it all :)

Spread the word and good luck :)

Saturday, April 13, 2013

back to London

So...it's been a while. But I am back in London now.
These past weeks have been really busy and wonderful, I spent long, long days in my home-studio, working and daydreaming, sketching and glazing and waiting for the sun to shine in through the studio windows...

Now back in London, I don't have much hope for the sun to shine in and brighten up the house, because honestly, we don't get much of that here. How is it where you live? Can you at least hope for spring to arrive?

So basically I packed everything I had worked on up again (read: half of my studio, basically) and moved it to London again, until..well, who knows, somehow I cannot seem to find the answer to that question.

About updates on what I have been doing these past weeks, well, I don't even know where to start.
Remember these bisque fired mugs? Well it is just 4 debut ones that I made for everyone in the family, but they will be available to purchase around June/July as well.

Here's mine! Finally I have my very own Jasmin Blanc cup to drink my coffee from! I usually don't take time to make myself anything really, hehe...

Other than that I have some new collaborations and brand new shops who will be stocking my work, but more about that really soon... But for now what I can tell you is, keep an eye on The Lost Lanes, it will not be long until they will launch their amazing online shop! And until then like them on facebook so you don't miss out on anything!

Well, what do you know, I squeezed everything into one post here, I had to lay it off of my chest! haha