Tuesday, April 30, 2013

meeting Daisy

I spent the most amazing weekend in the company of a tiny miracle, called Daisy.
Our flatmate brought her home a couple of nights ago. He bought her off of a homeless man, who got her from some lady (some lady, I'd say!!!).

Anyway, she is now living with us, and since our flatmates are working during most of the day, I get to stay with her, watching her sleep and play with her, not to mention saving her from the other very jealous cat we have living with us.

The other cat, Poppy, well, she's something else... Beautiful shiny black cat, but she's fierce... rather to look at, but not touch, otherwise she'll tear and bite your hand off. Something like that anyway. She is cuddly in the middle of the day though, when she is too bored and I am the only one around.  Oh she is a sweet cat, but just not my type, waaaay too crazy for me.

But Daisy, oh she is the sweetest little kitty angel I have ever seen in my life. Playful, yet kind and cuddly, sleeps in the palm of my hand, pushing her little head really deep into it so that the light won't disturb her dreams. Oh and the cutest thing, she licks the milk off my fingers, because she is too scared to put her little mouth into her dish. She has me under her charm, I can't help it!

Secretly I wish they will give her to me, I mean, my birthday is not even two months away...
Gosh, it would be the most amazing gift I could receive!

Do you love kitties as much as I do?


  1. Yeeeeeeees! I love cats! and Daisy is adorable ♥

  2. oh gosh!! she's soo adorable!!

  3. oh dear she is so cuteeee, and I so so wish to be yours , I think you will be great together

  4. That's so cute, she's adorable!


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