Thursday, June 27, 2013


Packaging has always been the tricky part, when it came to Jasmin Blanc. At first I hand-wrote each tag on differently colored paper, cut it in lots of different shapes and in the end if it didn't turn out the way I imagined it, I used to tear it into pieces and start again. Not a voluble process, that much I assure you of!

So after having given it a lot of though and experimentation, I decided that the best fit for packaging my jewelry which is then shipped out to travel the world, would be something like this...

As my jewelry and other ceramic pieces are of odd shapes I had a hard time finding the perfect box to offer them in. Purchasing custom made boxes for each piece in part would have cost a fortune, but there had to be another way... So my dear father decided to help me out. Together the two of us came up with an easy way to make sturdy, yet delicate looking little gift boxes, and once the techniques were perfected, with the use of a glass cutting board, an exacto knife and strong glue everything was possible. 

When the boxes are ready I add the little ceramic tags (soon I will show you how I carved them in plaster) I make, and tie the box with satin ribbon. Looks pretty simple, but there is a lot of hand-crafting backstage, I will admit to that. And still, I love the idea of deliberately choosing handmade details over big companies, whose real work processes and policies are a well kept secret.

Some of my favorite works were commissions I did for weddings, such as this set of bridesmaid necklaces,  and in these cases custom made boxes are a must! 

How do you find them? I love what came out of this father-daughter collaboration. In fact, nothing wrong ever came out of common brainstorming between the two of us.

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  1. Love the idea that handmade jewelry comes in handmade boxes/packaging! I do the same...But your are much nicer!:)


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