Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Summer fun

I gave it all a lot of thought, before I finally decided to leave my work, orders and everything business related and spend two weeks managing a children's camp along with 3 amazing individuals (one of whom is my caring and very talented husband to be). It was not an easy decision to make, as such an absence sets any small business owner very much behind, but it definitely was the right one to make at this very point in my life. Physically it was tiring, sure, but emotionally it was incredibly fulfilling...honestly it all seemed just like a fairy tale... I felt like I was surrounded by angels for two entire weeks and I am ever so grateful for not passing up this opportunity...

I've learned and experienced so much, and it has opened up my heart in ways I could not imagine to be possible. Life took wonderful turns both for me and for Gaspar these past couple of months and we are incredibly blessed to meet helping souls along our journey...

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