Saturday, August 3, 2013

Back in the game or Living my dream

Yes, I'm back! No more commuting across countries in order to live in one and work in another.
Life has a funny way of twisting your plans upside down, then suck you into a deadly tornado and just when you thought that you will never reach the ground again, it all calms down and leaves you with the mess which is perfectly enough to build a new life of. This basically sums up my year so far!

But where I live is where I work again and this fills me with incredible joy. Moving around huge kilns has never been a doable attempt. They are my mountains I need to come back to every time.

And I love it, love the thought of it, and the outcome. I feel like I am standing on the ground with both feet and my wings are still able to flicker. So feel free to drown me in custom orders, I have my studio again, my kiln, my tools, and I have my love and enthusiasm back after all the silly struggle of the past months... Oh! I'm so happy I even have tears in my eyes... tears of joy! My heart is dancing...


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  1. very good news Erica! Enjoy life and be happy!


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