Saturday, September 28, 2013

1000 LIKES on Facebook and a mega cool GIVEAWAY

Perhaps I don't say it as often as I should but I just want you all to know, that I am grateful beyond words for all of the support you have given and shown toward my work and the Jasmin Blanc world as a whole. It makes my heart smile! ♥ Thank you!

This is the view just above my father's workshop, where I now "rent" (read: have invaded) a small corner to work at. But isn't this magnificent? It was just the other day when I felt the need to move my rusty bones a bit and clear my mind, so I took the dogs out for a walk, while M was sleeping like a baby indoors next to the fire.

Your support means the world to me, and with the occasion of reaching 1000 likes on the Jasmin Blanc fan page I would like to celebrate in style. What do you say?

A suuuuuper duuuuuuuuper GIVEAWAY sounds pretty good to me! So, I would like to offer you the chance to win a CUSTOM CAT necklace or figurine (the winner gets to choose whichever).

1. Like the Jasmin Blanc page
2. Share the giveaway post/photo to spread the word
3. Visit my shop, select your favorite item and let me know in the comments bellow the photo, which one it is!


Giveaway ends on October 15th, the winner will be announced shortly after.

Worldwide entries. Yaaay 

Good luck dearests and remember, you might have a Jasmin Blanc custom cat already, but you could always win this for a cat crazy friend of yours! They would be thrilled, I promise you that much!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

autumn walk

Summer shifted almost soundlessly into autumn. September has never been this green, as far as I can remember the grass was long burnt by the powerful summer sun. Not this year. The grass dances with the wind fashioning a beautiful emerald color and the air is fresh and sharp. If I wouldn't smell the sweet scent of the ripen grapes everywhere I just might be deceived...

And yet she winked at me today on my walk over the hill above the studio...

M was jumping all over my casting molds, he was out of control, enjoying the freedom and warmth that welcomed him.

The day was spent making custom orders and preparing lots of new and exciting products. I love my job! :)

How are the colors over in your corner of the world? 

Monday, September 23, 2013

Inspiration: late september

I close my eyes, and if I were to describe September in colors I would surely say: faded navy blue and old rusty brown.

Leather cushions for the home.
Hand stitched leather bag for your treasures.
Soup to warms your chilly evenings.
Cups by Maria Kristofersson

Hope you have a warm and sunny late September week!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

No reason

I love baking for no reason at all. Maybe it is because I am not pressed by the "what if"-s and the "guest are about to arrive and the cake is not ready"-s...
I love muffins, they are the perfect dessert for me. Not too sweet, scrumptious and perfectly sized. Last week I made my all time favorite dark chocolate flavored ones (sort of like brownies) topped with cream using this recipe.

early mornings and rain

crocheted collar necklace by LePetitKnit

This Wednesday is one of those wonderful days when I enjoy listening to the sounds of boiling water, inhaling simmering herbs and feeling the love around as I sit on the couch and watch M play with a yarn ball. Just a moment ago he was on my lap purring.
The tea tastes even more delicious today. Was it the tiny spoon of honey I added that made the difference or was it just the moment? Perhaps it was the rain. And the candles. And the silence.

Feeling grateful...

Monday, September 16, 2013


So many amazing things happened these past couple of weeks, G's birthday, my parent's anniversary (Friday 13, priceless!), I adopted a kitten, spent countless hours in the workshop, enjoyed the sunshine, finished custom orders, listened to the rain, ate great food, baked delicious sugary goodness...oh the list is just endless.

Here are some of these wonderful moments, documented.

Mazsola, my adorable kitten, arrived into my life on 1 September. Cute and tiny, he has the sharpest little teeth and an infinite mood for fun. Dearest little creature, I am so lucky to have you!

 M, helping me pack orders.

Gaspar's home made birthday cake. Rum, chestnut and whipped cream.

 This is pretty much how I've been working lately. I had to reinterpret my life and working hours just a little bit.

After some challenging weeks -health wise-, the empty shelves are rapidly filling up with fine lined ceramics. Hallelujah! 

Peach galore for my parent's 27th wedding anniversary. 

A mix and match set of 6 necklaces is off to the U.S. to be given as gifts for wonderful bridesmaids. I love tasteful weddings!

Hope your autumn had such an amazing start as mine...

Ps. don't forget to sign up for the giveaway.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

September GIVEAWAY

And the time has come, dearests!
Sign up for a chance to win these two JB pieces: a pair of Aqua heart earrings and a pair of my Autumn ginkgo leaf cufflinks.

The rules are very simple: 
- like Jasmin Blanc Boutique on Facebook
- share this photo with a public FB account

Giveaway runs from 14- 21 September and I will announce the winner on Sunday, 22nd.

Let the fun begin! 

Our winner is: Nicoleta Stoian

Monday, September 2, 2013

the tiniest soul

I longed for this moment, and the right time for this has come today. I got to adopt the cutest little soul and I even get to keep him. It is so hard to believe, yet so amazingly true it melts my heart.
I could shout it from a mountain top!

Sunday, September 1, 2013